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Cheers To The Beautiful 2017: Grand Year Of Grand Opportunities And Warm Welcome To The Year 2018


Oh! What a beautiful and grand year of grand opportunities 2017 was 🙂 . Couldn’t stop Bhaghavan Sri Krishna for the beautiful year. Here are some of the glimpses of my year 2017.

January  and February 2017 :

I started the new year, new month with the strong determination “Good times, Good things and Loads of Love and happiness are in store for Me, You , He, She and that person around the corner. Come what may, I am not going to be in sadness whatever life throws to me,  With the help of my God Shri Krishna and the angels he sent for me, I am going to be easy on myself, I am going to CELEBRATE MY LIFE and GOOD THINGS ARE IN STORE FOR ME IN 2017 and I am not going to let the disastrous 2016 have its impact on me anymore “.

Yes, of course I did make a filmy determination like Shivgami of Baahubali movie, however time is more interesting. January was year of super fun. It started with my knee ache which i thought was a normal thing because of the exercises in the last week of December 2016 , however after several repeated visits to several orthopedic hospitals got to know i got to know there was a beautiful LIGAMENT TEAR in my Knee. Not an uncommon thing, however thats common for super star athletes or people who drive bikes like crazy and have injuries. I didnt do any of these, however still i had ligament tear in my knee just because of my normal exercises at home. So, from January 1st itself my limp started However, I was determined, I didnt want this ligament tear related pain impact me .

Daily study of Srimadh Bhaghavatam and regular reading  of Bible stories  and relevant discussions with Martin and Amit helped me endure my pain and not lose my enthusiasm for the year 2017.With all these spiritual food,  I went to to office normally and like every year I did get opportunity to explore the beautiful Pune City, While i was busy with medications and related physio-therapies 😉

Tieto Toastmasters Club was the first best thing of my 2017. My tenure as a Vice President Public Relations for this enthusiastic club at office started from Jan 2017. So by now, did i became best speaker or leader. I wont answer that question now, however, i can say i can proudly say I have the association of best people , best orators, best people  of Tieto who help themselves and who help everyone in Tieto to improve themselves and help in grooming them as leaders.  What a beautiful team. Loads of Love to you to Tieto Toastmasters Club ❤


March  , April  and May 2017 :

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Yes and the magical March of 2017 arrived. I call it Magical month because from this month i got to travel to so many places in the year. It started with the first and most awaited trip of my life, its the trip to GOA. Thanks to my friend Darshika for organizing the trip. All i can say about Goa is “Goa i am coming again and would want to write my book sitting in a relaxing beach under the coconut trees…may be my brain works faster if a coconut falls on my head”.And Yeah, I got my nose piercing done and its a big deal for me, i think i lil bit more beautiful than earlier with it 😉 And then trip to home for the Telugu New Year Ugadi. How can I forget my first Bihari Holi with my bestie Amit’s family and other friends. Definitely dont ever miss a chance of celebrating Holi with Biharis, it is magnificent , royal and a happy Holi with them.

And the April 2017 was Awesome, I call it Awesome because I got to be active part of a Conference of our Transition Leaders across our Company in Malmo, Sweden. Got to explore Sweden and lil bit of Denmark. The happiness of meeting several experts in Transitions and Transformations is unfathomable. That inspiration made me take up different projects in later part of the year. Meanwhile i got trained and certified in Scaled Agile Framework 😀 , I am Certified Scaled Agilist by April 2017.

May is Magnificent, Magical and Memorable month because its my birthday month and this year I got opportunity to celebrate my birthday with my family and in the same week got opportunity to spend my time with my Dumbledore, Fatherly figure Martin , Liisa and my Transitions and Transformation Guru Minna ❤ in Helsinki. Had a very good time attending the PI meetings of my project in Helsinki. Got to meet several learnt people and wonderful colleagues. One of beautiful experience related Scaled Agile Framework related Projects.

June,  July and  August 2017 :

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By June I realised I was sooo used to limping and back pain because of the ligament tear and the related Physio-therapies. The pain in my knee was intolerable and finally i got my ligament surgery done. Trust me ligament  surgery is not a easy thing, it impacts for a decent time 😦 . However by the grace of God and the handsome Orthosurgeon of mine i could recover very quickly.  However it was quite frustrating time for me as my mobility was little less . And this was the time like always my parents, brothers and my friends were at rescue. I did start writing my first book in this time. God willing will start working on it in 2018. Meanwhile, Got a chance to go for a colony picnic to HariHareshwar in Maharastra. Meanwhile in August as I was feeling little better, got an opportunity to visit the beautiful Bhimashankar jyothirling in Maharastra, the route and the travel to the place in Indian monsoons is an unexplainable experience, the entire place turns into a paradise, immensely beautiful with greenary. Even in the workfront things got more exciting as i got to work in 3 different project of 3 different streams in the same time, it was challenging and interesting 🙂

September, October, November and December 2017 :

Can say, the most hectic and mad months of my year in all the aspects are the last 4 months.  Apart from my project works, got to do somany CSR activities of our company through our TORG team. Being member of this team is totally a new experience. Throughout 2017 we did organize different activities but the activities in last 4 months were of different level and which required somuch effort. We successful worked in distribution of Annual gift in the months of October and November. We at TORG had interesting time organizing the sports events,  family day and the annual day of our company. Working in these Corporate Social Responsibility and Fun activities is totally a different experience, they teach us leadership skills and several skills related to event management. Thanks to Tieto and our TORG team members for the opportunity.

Srimadh Bhaghavatam and the strength given by Sri Krishna was the driving force behind this beautiful year of mine. Shri Krishna sent his angels in the form of family, various friends, mentors in guiding me.
Special thanks to Martin Kallenbach and Amit Mallick for tolerating my dramas, for guiding me , scolding me whenever required. You both are angels sent by God to transform me. And i aint ashamed in saying multiple times in multiple forums, that i am your diehard fan. May you both coach more and more people. God bless you 🙂

Looking forward eagerly for the year 2018 to take up new assignments 🙂 . Cant stop recollecting the lines of Robert Frost Grandpa in this context :

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep, 
And miles to go before I sleep
~ Robert Frost

I wish all of you a happy new year 2018. Stay blessed. Dont stop believing in your dreams. God is with you and is guiding you to achieve your beautiful dreams ❤

Loads of Love,

Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Resilience In Testing Times And Your Value System

#YourValues #YourGoals #YourWays #Resilience #Patience #QuickWins
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Each one develops certain values, value system from childhood. The basis for those will be your personality, your family, your culture, your education and your passion for life.
However, the most interesting thing is adhering to the value system of yours throughout your life. Yes, we are the sole owners our value system, and one may say how is it tough adhering to one’s own value system?
Let me throw some light on this topic with some real time examples. Value system is perceived even in the minute but significant things of one’s life.
# Say, your value system says it is not right to cheat in examinations by copying. You adhere to it. You may not top the class. However, the test to your value system comes, when a person who doesn’t know anything, tops the class or gets a seat in desired course of study, whereas you are stuck because you were sincere to your value system.
# Say, your value system says it is not right to crave for money but to crave for good quality of work we do in life. However, the test to your value system comes, when the duffer of your class does well than you and belittles you by flaunting his/her material richness.
# Say, your value system says it is one beautiful life and one needs to work well achieve something, make ones own mark as an individual, do something good, useful to the society. However, the test to your value system comes when a lazy relaxed person sitting at home belittles you and your methods by saying “You are just slogging for no reason, see me I am enjoying the luxuries”.
# Say, your value system says it’s the inner beauty, character of a person matter a lot in comparison to external beauty. However, the test to your value system comes when the people who focus on external beauty do better in career and personal life.
Yes, of course there will be testing times where you question the validity of your value system. However, if we move a millimetre from your value system we feel suffocated, we feel something is wrong. That’s the POWER of our value system. Though it is tough sometimes, we don’t realise that our values are what make us strong, make us powerful. We shouldn’t change or perturb from our value system seeing others.
Because our value system is our map of life and it is unique to our life 🙂
Do share your thoughts on this 🙂
Have a beautiful Wednesday ahead.
Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu
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Karma, Product Backlog, Sprint backlog and the Program called Journey of a Soul:

Karma, Product Backlog, Sprint backlog and the Program called Journey of a Soul:


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I have very weird ways of working, when I have to work I work not really bothering about the time, food and sleep, and with zero disturbance from external elements me generating ideas or strategies only in working hours is rare. In simple words, I am like Archimedes, I don’t know when my Eureka moments come.

With this kind of tasks, the ways of refreshing from work for me are a post on facebook or on my blog, walk in my office campus listening to instrumental music and photographing, Talk with like minded people on completely different topics.

One such evening at work, when I thought I am done with an outline of a concept, my senior colleague Anjali  asked me for a Chai. I don’t like missing an opportunity to have Chai with her, she is a busy bee and the best thing I like with her is spiritual and philosophical conversations.

On that day, as a part of random conversations, we started talking about Karma. We both being the Project Managers that too who work on Programme based out of Scaled Agile Framework, our conversations unknowingly got into the Agile way of thinking.

When I asked her what’s her take on Karma.
She explained me in following manner.
“Prasanna! Often we don’t understand why we go certain events in life. Often we don’t understand how we meet certain people, why certain people leave, why certain people are our family, our mentors, our close friends. All these sequence of events, people in life don’t happen just like that without any reason. They all are related to the Karma of our Soul. We feel more matured and calm when we see the journey of soul in different lives holistically. No soul can escape from the product backlog items of karma. So, it happens that in each life, called Sprint of life, the soul picks up certain user stories and the people we meet in that life are the resources assigned by God, for you to complete that sprint. So, the parents, siblings, mentors, friends, partners are all chosen to the soul by God before coming itself. And the repurcurssion of the acts of this life will be carried forward, so at any point we need to perform well keeping the processes, values in tact. The result of this sprint of life will continue to impact the overall programme of journey of soul . So, sometimes it happens that we may feel we are punished or disciplined for no reason by God. But it ain’t correct, everything happens for a reason “.

After listening to words and analogy of Anjali, I was just stuck in the magic of thoughts like an Alice in Wonderland.

Do share your thoughts.
Have a great week ahead 🙂
Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Some Random Thoughts on QUALITY LIFE

Some Random thoughts on Quality Life :
Way 1: Is it Power, Positions, Packages and constant upgradition..with high ambitions and High risk appetite ?
Way 2: Is it People, hobbies, close time with nature, art, reading, writing, music,farming and gardening, peace?
Should we wait till retirement to choose things in way 2?
Should we never aspire the Way 1 if we are inclined to Way 2.
Should the way 1 people never dream of Way 2.
May be we can blend way 1 and way 2 right this moment itself.
There are people who do so… And they generally belong to Alpha men and Alpha women category…
How do they do it.. May be they have lots of passion for life and huge respect towards their self.
They make effort and ensure they have a Quality life.


So, next time you are trying to add something to the product backlog for the later sprints of your life called ” After retirement “, do think if you can add to the current sprint called ” Present moment of life “.

Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Thoughts about the magical book “The Magic of the Lost Temple”




Thoughts about the book “The Magic of the Lost Temple ”

If there is any book in recent times that i want to read along with my nephews and nieces it is this magical book of Smt Sudha Murthy ” The Magic of the Lost Temple”.

This is a book about a 12 year Bangalore City girl Anoushka’s summer vacation experience in her grandparents village.

Her experience about understanding the beauty of Kitchen garden, herbs with the help of her grandmother is something which makes us think about kitchen gardens and our reality check about plants at home.

Anoushka gets to know the importance of bonding of their family with their cows. She gets to see the new born calf and how her grandmother feels very anxious about the delivery of the cow, on how she takes care of the cow like own baby.

Anoushka along with her friends learns bicycle riding. The way her friends teach her, how she learns cycling is something which makes us start riding cycle.

The important aspects of sharing, helping each others in village at weddings, otherwise. The quality of serene bonds, the selflessness in understood by Anoushka by participating in a Wedding. The joy of making pickles, papads and helping elders in experienced by her.

Picnics in rural areas have a different beauty and meaning, the joy of walking in forest by chitchat with friends and plucking different fruits; the joy of spending time at the river with friends and grandparents.

The joy of listening to grand parents mythological stories and much much more…

Is this book only about these ?? No, there is a beautiful suspense about the adventures Anoushka does along with her friends. To know that, you got to read that book.

Do buy the book, read it for yourself and for your family members too. Believe me, you will feel very happy after reading this beautiful book. Afterall, we all are village people at heart, living in cities  

Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Zero Size, Truck Size..Damn..Does it matter? What actually matters in life?

Just now read a beautiful post on how to raise your daughters and that post triggered some thoughts in me. So here are my some Monsoon Thursday thoughts.

World is already a tough place where people get judgemental about beauty, 36 32 34 measurements or Zero size or half size or whatever crap size of your body, your color, your weight.

It all looks good, you enjoy the glory when you adhere to these measurements, you grow in a myth that your identity or fame is because of your color, or this numbers based figure. You enjoy the attention of few morons who say ” How fair you are! How do you manage such sexy body figure! How do you maintain that perfect weight of 50″. You think you rule the world because of these measurements and parameters.

But Damn! It’s a physical body…it changes…changes with your age…and then your body doesn’t measure the zero size or the crap of 36 32 34 …then you get depressed. Then you feel worthless. Then you feel you are nothing but a big overloaded garbage truck. Because all through your life you never gave importance to inner beauty, inner strength, the intellect, the skills , the joys of learning, the real beauty of soul .

No one will taunt you, even if you look like a truck but you yourself will taunt you for losing your “,wealth…the weapons of beauty”. Finally, you get depressed. You get frustrated. You feel entire world is making fun of you. You become frustrated jealous soul seeing other 36 32 34 women or start wasting your life hating yourself till you get back to your prior glory. And because of this negative attitude people start distancing you, they too feel ” What a fat sick pessimistic soul this woman is “.

Is that life???

Why is it all happening? This disastrous cycle doesn’t happen with men. Even though they look like truck they confidently feel they are the most sexiest men in the World and added to that they feel women are dying for them even in their truck shape. Actually!! That kickass attitude makes them really hot and sexier.

Why does this happen?

If we do little bit of root cause analysis. It all has to do with our upbringing ( yes society is a judgemental moron all the times anyways).
Right from childhood, girls are raised on the parameters of color, size, weight…with lesser focus on real parameters of mental, physical strength, inner beauty and the real thing about education, academic goals, life goals. Girls are given lipsticks, talcum powders, eyeliners makeup brushes and praised and praised and like hell by saying ” Oh my God! My daughter looks like a model, like a Hollywood, Bollywood star”. So, they too think they are awesome in these parameters and they focus on those unknowingly…And grow up to dumbdolls. In one age, they lose their so called sexy parameters of body and turn to frustrated jealous useless self-esteem less truck woman.


Don’t let that happen with your daughters. Right from childhood encourage and focus on the real strength, groom them to become women of strength, let them focus on academics, let them focus on sports, let them focus on spiritual strength, make them strong girls.
Give them books, not lipsticks.
Give them sports shoes, not high heels.
Yes, they will definitely wear lipsticks, high heels later on, however by that time they know they are just accessories, not their identity parameters. They will even know respecting other women on real parameters but not on basis of size of their boobs or waist or color of the skin.

Prasanna  Small pic.jpg
Me at our Company’s Annual Event

Strong girls become strong women and Strong Women are the most sexy creatures you ever see on the planet even they are of truck size, because they carry a charm 😉

Have a beautiful day.

Loads of Love from a truck sized woman who will definitely lose her weight one day but celebrating herself even with this truck size   

Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Is Women’s Day Still Relevant ?

Women being Women is beautiful. Women competing with Men, Women trying to become like men is just trying to prove that Men are superior. Men are men. Women are Women. Both are necessary and equally important in nature. Agree that Women have come a long way to this point.

However, gone are the days when men can dominate women out of their male chauvinism; gone are the days women can play the card of “weak, tender, damsel in distress” in the world of tough competition. Glad to be in such generation and such societies where competent people survive immaterial of their gender. If you don’t study, if you are not financially independent, if you don’t own your life…you suffer whether you are woman or man. Struggle is same for every human in current society.

So celebration of womanhood, manhood is great today, tommorrow and everyday. However, acting as if all women are suffering because of men everywhere, anywhere at home or home or in street is stupid feminism.

Blessed are we who live in these days where women do all physically tough things too which were earlier restricted only to men…we are blessed to be in such evolving societies where men share the responsibilities of cooking, house work, parenting along with their partners.

True celebration of humanity is when we don’t have specific Women’s Day or Men’s Day. True celebration is when everyday is day of equality and celebration of every human.


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I ain’t a fan of Women’s day or Men’s Day…am blessed to have several mentors who are men and women..I am constantly guided by them on how to be God conscious, strong and human all the times
At the same time am going to punch anyone badly immaterial of man or woman who treats me badly for no mistake of mine.

Listen to this beautiful song O Womaniya 🙂


Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu