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Celebrating 14 years at work :)

#FourteenAtWork #Celebrating14Years
Want to express gratitude to God, My Dad( Retired Bank Manager… doesn’t really like hearing No and his trust me made me what I am today), My Mom ( The most positive, never say no lady of my life), My elder brother( I still copy him because he is the best, no exaggeration in saying I am like his daughter),), My Second brother( The Dhoni of our house, the captain support system right from school), Bharadwaj Bro…my first Guru of Project Management, My Mentors Dr P. Sudhakar(What am I without this Sir’s Physics teaching), Sangeetha ( Learnt a lot professionally ), DMR( my first mentor in ITSM),Martin( if you follow my posts you know that he is my Dumbledore and Yoda), Amit( my life coach, my bestie..yeah I see your expressions..but trust me he is a gem), Ajit Kanitkar ( my mentor and great human with very very aggressive value system) for grooming me to what I am today…Completed 14 years of Journey in my career…last but not least this past year was terrible and I might not have made it without the nudge, push and trust of my Assistant Vice President husband ( not flaunting the title but the league he belongs and how mentally tough he is and encourages me to be )…it really matters a lot having super amazing, super supporting spouse…such spouse won’t let you give up….and thanks to my friends who believe that I am a special and who in all these never got bored listening to my cribbing and who supported me all the times…. .

Yes, I had the urge to quit somany times when things were tough, but with the above mentioned support system I am assured they won’t let me quit just like that , they will only make me ready and strong for that situation to handle. Looking forward for much more years at career…must say journey from a Physics Lecturer at college in 2005 to Instructional Designer at a startup to Process Manager, to Process Consultant , to Process Owner, to Project Manager, to PMO Head to Head of Learning and Development was quite fascinating and amazing.

Hare Krishna 🙏🏼

Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu Chirravuri

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Tension of Opposites

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Have I told you about the tension of opposites? he says. The tension of opposites? Life is a series of pulls back and forth. You want to do one thing, but you are bound to do something else. Something hurts you, yet you know it shouldn’t.
You take certain things for granted, even when you know you should never take anything for granted.
A tension of opposites, like a pull on a rubber band. And most of us live somewhere in the middle.Sounds like a wrestling match, I say.
A wrestling match. He laughs. Yes, you could describe life that way.
So which side wins, I ask?
Which side wins? He smiles at me, the crinkled eyes, the crooked teeth.
Love wins. Love always wins.
~ Mitch Albom, Tuesday’s with Morrie

Loads of Love,

Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Friendship Day…today..tommorrow and everyday..

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Rich & Successful man and beautiful woman willI always have so many friends…even if you are not rich, even if you are a loser, even if you are not beautiful if there are any who treasure you, who love you for whatever you are, and then slap you and scold you to become best version of yourself..
they are the real friends…keep them close to your heart.
Happy Friendship day…today..tommorrow and everyday.

Loads of Love,

Prasanna Rayaprolu

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NATURE IS OUR TEACHER….as  explained in Srimadh Bhaghavatam Canto 11, Chapter 8..

NATURE IS OUR TEACHER….as  explained in Srimadh Bhaghavatam Canto 11, Chapter 8..

Image Courtesy : Keshavan Venkataraghavan garu

Guru Dattatreya is considered as the greatest teacher ever. Once when a King asked him who his teacher was, he replied he had 24 teachers. When asked to elaborate, he told 24 anecdotes about how and what he learnt from each of his teachers. Here is a brief about his teachers, who are aspects of NATURE.

1. Be tolerant – like the Earth.
2. Be clear and cool – like water.
3. Keep nothing for the morrow – finish everything now – like fire.
4. Always be on the move – progress towards your goal – like air.
5. Be detached – like the sky.
6. Remain in one condition through cycles of happiness and misery – like the Moon.
7. Give out to others – like the Sun radiates.
8. Do not be attached – like the pigeons.
9. Do not be too much bothered about food – like the python.
10. Avoid changes in temperament – do not transgress your limits – like the sea.
11. Do not be enticed by attraction of beauty – like the fire-fly.
12. Gather a little from each place – like the butterfly.
13. Do not go for collection and storage without utilization – like the bees.
14. Do not ignore the pitfalls of sexual attraction – like the elephant.
15. Do not be swept off by any attraction – like the stag for his horns.
16. Do not be entrapped by tasty food – like the fish.
17. Benefit from dejection – like the prostitute who changed her life.
18. Shun worldly goods – like the kuru bird.
19. Be satisfied with what you get while hungry – like a child.
20. Be alone – like a maiden’s single bangle.
21. Do not be attached permanently to a house of your own – like the snake.
22. Cultivate the powers of concentration – like the artisan, who did not notice an Army passing by.
23. Do not be over ambitious – like the spider.
24. Share with others – like the Bhringi bird.

1. पृथ्वी- सहनशीलता व परोपकार की भावना।

2. कबूतर – कबूतर का जोड़ा जाल में फंसे अपने बच्चों को देखकर मोहवश खुद भी जाल में जा फंसता है। शिक्षा लिया कि किसी से भी ज्यादा स्नेह दुःख की वजह होता है।

3. समुद्र- जीवन के उतार-चढ़ाव में सदा प्रसन्न एवं गम्भीर रहें।

4. पतंगा- जिस तरह पतंगा आग की तरफ आकर्षित हो जल जाता है। उसी तरह रूप-रंग के आकर्षण व मोह में न उलझें।

5. हाथी – आसक्ति से बचना।

6. छत्ते से शहद निकालने वाला – कुछ भी एकत्र करके या स्नचित करके न रखें,ऐसा करना हानि का कारण बन सकता है।

7. हिरण – उछल-कूद,संगीत,मौज-मस्ती में न खोएं।

8. मछली – स्वाद के वशीभूत न रहें यानी इंद्रिय संयम।

9. पिंगला वेश्या – पिंगला नाम की वैश्या से सबक लिया कि केवल पैसों की आस में न जीएं। क्योंकि पैसा पाने के लिए वह पुरुष की राह में दुखी हुई व उसे त्यागने पर ही चैन से नींद ली।

10. कुरर पक्षी – वस्तुओं को पास में रखने की सोच छोड़ना। यानी अकिंचन होना।

11. बालक – चिंतामुक्त व प्रसन्न रहना।

12. कुमारी कन्या – अकेला रह काम करना या आगे बढ़ना। धान कूटते हुए कन्या की चूड़ियां आवाज कर रही थी। बाहर मेहमान बैठे होने से उसने चूड़ियां तोड़ दोनों हाथों में बस एक-एक चूड़ी रखी और बिना शोर के धान कूट लिया।

13. शरकृत या तीर बनाने वाला – अभ्यास और वैराग्य से मन को वश में करना।

14. सांप – एकाकी जीवन, एक ही जगह न बसें।

15. मकड़ी – भगवान भी माया जाल रचते हैं और उसे मिटा देते हैं।

16. भृंगी कीड़ा – अच्छी हो या बुरी,जहां जैसी सोच में मन लगाएंगे मन वैसा ही हो जाता है।

17. सूर्य – जिस तरह एक ही होने पर भी अलग-अलग माध्यमों में सूरज अलग-अलग दिखाई देता है। आत्मा भी एक है पर कई रूपों में दिखाई देती है।

18. वायु – अच्छी बुरी जगह पर जाने के बाद वायु का मूल रूप स्वच्छता ही है। उसी तरह अच्छे-बुरों के साथ करने पर भी अपनी अच्छाइयों को कायम रखें।

19. आकाश – हर देश काल स्थिति में लगाव से दूर रहे।

20. जल – पवित्र रहना।

21. अग्नि – हर टेढ़ी-मेढ़े हालातों में ढल जाएं। जैसे अलग-अलग तरह की लकड़ियों के बीच आग एक जैसी लगती नजर आती है।

22. चन्द्रमा – आत्मा लाभ-हानि से परे है। वैसे ही जैसे कला के घटने
-बढ़ने से चंद्रमा की चमक व शीतलता वही रहती है।

23. भौंरा या मधुमक्खी – भौरें से सीखा कि जहां भी सार्थक बात सीखने को मिले उसे न छोड़ें।

24. अजगर – संतोष,जो मिल जाए उसे स्वीकार कर लेना।

भगवान दत्तात्रेय ब्रह्मा,विष्णु एवं महेश का संयुक्त विग्रह हैं। इनकी आराधना त्रिदेव की आराधना मानी जाती है। भगवान दत्तात्रेय ही “परम गुरु” हैं।

Content Courtesy: Vyasa Srimadh Bhaghavatam

Loads of Love,

Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Karma, Product Backlog, Sprint backlog and the Program called Journey of a Soul:

Karma, Product Backlog, Sprint backlog and the Program called Journey of a Soul:


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I have very weird ways of working, when I have to work I work not really bothering about the time, food and sleep, and with zero disturbance from external elements me generating ideas or strategies only in working hours is rare. In simple words, I am like Archimedes, I don’t know when my Eureka moments come.

With this kind of tasks, the ways of refreshing from work for me are a post on facebook or on my blog, walk in my office campus listening to instrumental music and photographing, Talk with like minded people on completely different topics.

One such evening at work, when I thought I am done with an outline of a concept, my senior colleague Anjali  asked me for a Chai. I don’t like missing an opportunity to have Chai with her, she is a busy bee and the best thing I like with her is spiritual and philosophical conversations.

On that day, as a part of random conversations, we started talking about Karma. We both being the Project Managers that too who work on Programme based out of Scaled Agile Framework, our conversations unknowingly got into the Agile way of thinking.

When I asked her what’s her take on Karma.
She explained me in following manner.
“Prasanna! Often we don’t understand why we go certain events in life. Often we don’t understand how we meet certain people, why certain people leave, why certain people are our family, our mentors, our close friends. All these sequence of events, people in life don’t happen just like that without any reason. They all are related to the Karma of our Soul. We feel more matured and calm when we see the journey of soul in different lives holistically. No soul can escape from the product backlog items of karma. So, it happens that in each life, called Sprint of life, the soul picks up certain user stories and the people we meet in that life are the resources assigned by God, for you to complete that sprint. So, the parents, siblings, mentors, friends, partners are all chosen to the soul by God before coming itself. And the repurcurssion of the acts of this life will be carried forward, so at any point we need to perform well keeping the processes, values in tact. The result of this sprint of life will continue to impact the overall programme of journey of soul . So, sometimes it happens that we may feel we are punished or disciplined for no reason by God. But it ain’t correct, everything happens for a reason “.

After listening to words and analogy of Anjali, I was just stuck in the magic of thoughts like an Alice in Wonderland.

Do share your thoughts.
Have a great week ahead 🙂
Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Some Random Thoughts on QUALITY LIFE

Some Random thoughts on Quality Life :
Way 1: Is it Power, Positions, Packages and constant upgradition..with high ambitions and High risk appetite ?
Way 2: Is it People, hobbies, close time with nature, art, reading, writing, music,farming and gardening, peace?
Should we wait till retirement to choose things in way 2?
Should we never aspire the Way 1 if we are inclined to Way 2.
Should the way 1 people never dream of Way 2.
May be we can blend way 1 and way 2 right this moment itself.
There are people who do so… And they generally belong to Alpha men and Alpha women category…
How do they do it.. May be they have lots of passion for life and huge respect towards their self.
They make effort and ensure they have a Quality life.


So, next time you are trying to add something to the product backlog for the later sprints of your life called ” After retirement “, do think if you can add to the current sprint called ” Present moment of life “.

Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Thoughts about the magical book “The Magic of the Lost Temple”




Thoughts about the book “The Magic of the Lost Temple ”

If there is any book in recent times that i want to read along with my nephews and nieces it is this magical book of Smt Sudha Murthy ” The Magic of the Lost Temple”.

This is a book about a 12 year Bangalore City girl Anoushka’s summer vacation experience in her grandparents village.

Her experience about understanding the beauty of Kitchen garden, herbs with the help of her grandmother is something which makes us think about kitchen gardens and our reality check about plants at home.

Anoushka gets to know the importance of bonding of their family with their cows. She gets to see the new born calf and how her grandmother feels very anxious about the delivery of the cow, on how she takes care of the cow like own baby.

Anoushka along with her friends learns bicycle riding. The way her friends teach her, how she learns cycling is something which makes us start riding cycle.

The important aspects of sharing, helping each others in village at weddings, otherwise. The quality of serene bonds, the selflessness in understood by Anoushka by participating in a Wedding. The joy of making pickles, papads and helping elders in experienced by her.

Picnics in rural areas have a different beauty and meaning, the joy of walking in forest by chitchat with friends and plucking different fruits; the joy of spending time at the river with friends and grandparents.

The joy of listening to grand parents mythological stories and much much more…

Is this book only about these ?? No, there is a beautiful suspense about the adventures Anoushka does along with her friends. To know that, you got to read that book.

Do buy the book, read it for yourself and for your family members too. Believe me, you will feel very happy after reading this beautiful book. Afterall, we all are village people at heart, living in cities  

Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu