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Want to bring change…do you have the roadmap?

Vineet Nayar's Reply

Vineet Nayar’s Reply

Sometime back I asked Vineet Nayar

Hi Vineet! In a well established company, where people are really stuck with old ideas, preconcieved notions about some concepts, how should we bring change, a change that is dependent on the mindset of large target audience.Please suggest.I hate it when someone says…”Naah!This is impossible

Vineet Nayar replied

I agree with you that there are more people saying this is impossible and less saying this is possible and how.However that is what will set you apart as someone who stands apart and asks why not. The way i would approach this is to be clear of point A-IE where we are.Define point B ie where we want to go.Define maybe 10 steps to get to point B and then convince everyone on step 1 which is easier to digest than the idea of Point B.When you break big ideas into small ideas/steps people are more willing to walk with you. Also try approaching this problem by asking questions and not suggesting answers.People love to answer question and love to debate and disagree if you propose answers.Thus strat with questions and navigate the discussions to move to solutions limited to step 1. It is also important that you be clear on what is your goal.To own the idea or to make the change happen.If it is the latter make sure every idea is not your idea but our idea. It is never easy to climb mountains-that is why it is so much fun.It is never easy to change mindsets-that is why it is lots of fun and you have a great opportunity to try and have that fun.Enjoy.
PS: Vineet Nayar is Vice Chairman and Joint Managing Director of HCL Technologies Ltd. (HCLT), a $4.4 billion global information technology services company and author of the highly acclaimed management book “Employees First, Customers Second: Turning Conventional Management Upside Down” (Harvard Business Press, June 2010). He is also an acknowledged management visionary and a radical thinker who architected the company’s “Employees First, Customers Second” (EFCS) strategy, which transformed HCL’s business, through its inverted organizational structure which has helped create transparency and accountability within the organization and encourage a value-driven culture since its conception in 2005. (Courtesy:
These type of interactions and replies from Vineet Nayar , make me proud working for such a prestigious company HCL :)
Generally, I adopt this concept of Roadmap for my works. When I strongly believe in my idea, I start my work even if I don’t have any support, however above idea of Vineet where involving people in each and every phase and receiving their support slowly sounds very useful.
Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Beautiful Susan Boyle :)

Image Courtesy google

It’s never too late to be who you might have been.

~George Eliot

In my childhood I used to wonder about this quote of Eliot. I used to think its just nonsense. However, as I grew, I understood how life gives you interesting tests and how we need to protect our dreams and why we should never give up, why we should believe in our dreams until we turn our dreams into reality. Above all…its never too late :)

Other day, came across wonderful video about Susan Boyle. I was immensely inspired by her story and her energy levels. I think, it would be nice if you can see the video by yourself :) . Check this major event in Susan Boyle’s life  and stay inspired :)

Do Check  Susan Boyle’s Story here :

Susan Boyle performs Duet with Elaine Paige

Here are the lyrics:

Nothing is so good it lasts eternally
Perfect situations must go wrong.
But this has never yet prevented me
From wanting far too much for far too long.
Looking back, I could have played it differently
Won a few more moments, who can tell.
But it took time to understand the man
Now at least I know, I know him well.

Wasn’t it good (Oh so good)
Wasn’t he fine (Oh so fine)
Isn’t it madness he can’t be mine.
But in the end, he needs a little bit more than me
More security (He needs his fantasy and freedom)
I know him so well.

No one in your life is with you constantly
No one is completely on your side.
And though I move my world to be with him
Still the gap between us is too wide.
Looking back, I could have played it differently
Learned about the man before I fell.
But I was ever so much younger then
Now at least I know, I know him well.

Wasn’t it good (Oh so good)
Wasn’t he fine (Oh so fine)
Isn’t it madness he won’t be mine
Didn’t I know how it would go,
If I knew from the start.
Why am I falling apart.

Wasn’t it good
Wasn’t he fine
Isn’t it madness he won’t be mine
But in the end, he needs a little more than me
More security (He needs his fantasy and freedom)
I know him so well
It took time to understand him
I know him so well


Prasanna Rayaprolu




Golden Girls of Hyderabad: Sania and Saina :)

Sania Mirza and Saina Nehwal

June second week in this year 2012 is a special week to India and that too Hyderabad.  The Golden Girls of Hyderabad : Sania Mirza and Saina Nehwal won their tournaments and brought medals to India.

Sania Mirza, an Indian Tennis Player won French Open mixed doubles along with Mahesh Bhupathi on June 7th,2012.

Saina Nehwal, an Indian Badminton Player won 2012 Thailand Open Grand Prix Gold on June 10th,2012.

Long Way to Go Girls!!! Wishing you good luck :)


Prasanna Rayaprolu


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This Granny is a Hero : Smt Shila Ghosh from Calcutta…

Image Courtesy : Facebook Page

Image Courtesy : Facebook Page

Shila Ghosh : a lady 83 years old who lives at pali in West Bengal. Every evening she comes from Pali to kolkata to sell the fries.The pedestrians out of respect buy the fries from her. After lung cancer took away her only son from her 5 years back,to make ends meet she works.Her nephew aged 30 works as a mover on meagre wages in pali. When asked if she has a problem in travelling,she weakly smile ans says “No,the bus gets me here and my health is not that bad”.She earns 400 rupees per day but still it is less for her family of four.Circumstances could have easily forced her to beg but her dignity and respect is everything for her,she would work till the end of her life rather than beg on the streets. When we go on complaining she has chose to solve her problems on her own for as they say God helps them those who help themselves.She is a determined women and deserves our respect.

( Courtesy:


Hearts meet and melt on a city pavement 

Shila Ghosh sells chips on the pavement in front of Haldiram at the Exide crossing. (Rashbehari Das)

Here’s to the spirit of Calcutta, alive and kicking in the grit of an 83-year-old selling savouries on a pavement, the compassion of a college girl passing by and the response of strangers to a Facebook post for support.

Octogenarian Shila Ghosh changes two buses to reach the Exide crossing on Chowringhee Road from Bally, in Howrah, every afternoon to sell chips on the pavement outside Haldiram till the flow of the homebound-crowd ebbs.Her breadwinner son died of a heart ailment around six months ago and she needs the money — around Rs 150 on an average for an evening’s toil — to supplement her grandson’s meagre earnings from odd jobs.

College girl Sufia Khatoon didn’t know Shila’s story, but would often pause to watch her from a distance and wonder what circumstances might have forced a woman older than her grandmother to spend evenings working.

Sufia felt she needed to do something about it. A Facebook post later, 22 other Samaritans converged on the busy junction around 5.30pm last Friday to surprise Shila with “a small donation”.

Shila, stooping of body but upright of mind, had a bigger surprise for them.“She accepted the Rs 1,600 we had mobilised for her but declined further monetary help. She told us she wanted to earn a living rather than live off donations,” Sufia recalled.

If the group was still willing to help her, Shila said she would rather they set up a kiosk for her. “Aami paari….Bus dhore chole aashi eikhane. Bus-ta barir samne nabiye dyay. Bikri kore chole jaye (I am capable of earning my bread. I come here and return by bus, it drops me in front of my house),” she told Metro.

Last heard, the list of Shila admirers had swelled, each member eager to ease her strain without making her feel she was dependent on anyone.

“We are dealing with someone very strong in the mind. I believe the initiative should not end with donating some money. We need to find a long-term solution to problems faced by people like Shila,” said Sanjay Dutta, a 42-year-old Park Circus businessman.

Amitava Sinha Chaudhury, a 20-year-old college student who had responded to Sufia’s post and turned up at the Exide crossing on Friday, said it would be an insult to Shila if people offered her “alms”.

“Mashi (aunt)’s never-say-die spirit should be respected. We bought almost half her stock of chips that day to help her without making her feel we were doing her a favour,” Amitava said.

Please read the complete article written by SHUBHI TANDON  and published in The Telegraph

(Content Courtesy )

Hope you read the above content completely. What is you first reaction after reading about Smt Shila Ghosh. If Shila ji can take ownership of her life, bring it back to control and maintain her life after such a disaster with grace and dignity at this old age of 83…why cannot we take charge of our life and lead it with grace :)

So next time, you feel low think about this Hero Granny Shila Ghosh and charge your life with loads of optimism.

Best Regards,

Prasanna Rayaprolu


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