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Waiting for Perfect You, Perfect Moment and Perfect People 


// Waiting for Perfect You, Perfect Moment and Perfect People //

Scenario 1 : Geeta, Nita and Perfection

Geeta : Hey Nita ! Why are you not coming to the party tommorroe and why are you crying.

Nita: I am obese. Those girls are calling me fat. I don’t like me. I don’t like them. My life is like this only.

Geeta : Why all these nonsense now, it’s ok to be obese, you are beautiful as you are. But if you think you are obese, start gymming and having proper diet. Slowly you will improve and you will feel better and confident. But that process should not stop you from respecting and adoring present version of you.

Nita: Ummm….not now, I will start after my Graduation.

After 2 years…..

Geeta: Hey Nita. We are meeting tommorrow at Jay’s wedding right? We all planned to wear Maroon dresses., you got your dress ready?

Nita: Errr….Actually…I don’t think I will come for wedding….I am obese and dress doesn’t suit me.

Geeta: You are fine and btw are you going to gym.

Nita: Actually, my new job at this  start up company keeps me busy. No time.


Scenario 2 : Sonu, Monu and English

Sonu: Hellllo Monu

Monu : Hi Sonu

Sonu : We both are facing issues in communicating our thoughts in the college because of our poor English. Let’s join this spoken English classes.

Monu: Err…not now, am fine without knowing English. Not now, I don’t have time. I will join in perfect time.

Sonu: Ok, no issues. First, let me join the classes.

Sonu joins the classes her English improves. She even cracks the campus interview.

After 2 years….

Sonu: Hey Monu, how is life after marriage.

Monu: Am ….ok…but I didn’t crack my Post Graduate entrance or am not able to crack the job interviews because of my poor English and poor communication skills. It is so, embarrassing that I can’t communicate to the guests and my husband’s colleagues…May be I am not a good wife….well yeah..

Sonu: Hey…you are good as you are.English is just a language. But, why don’t you join the spoken English classes. Or at least take the free online sessions on internet.

Monu: Not now, am busy…don’t you know how busy it is being married.

After 5 years….

Sonu : How are you Monu.

Monu : Errr…ok…actually am not understanding what to do with school assignment of my son Munna. I am having issues with the English.

Sonu: Hmmmm.


Scenario 3. : Nitin,Neel and Perfect Person

Nitin: Hey Neel, shall we go to Jaipur.

Neel : No Dude, I want to goto pink City Jaipur only when I get a girl friend. That romantic pink City is good only with girl friend.

Nitin: But, it got awesome forts and it’s a lovely city too other wise.

After few months….

Nitin: Hey Neel, shall we go to Rishikesh for river rafting.

Neel: No Dude, I want to go only when i get my girlfriend. River rafting is perfect only with perfect partner of life.

Nitin: But….what has river rafting to do with girl friend.

After few months….

Nitin: Neel, there this coldplay concernt in Mumbai, shall we go.

Neel: No Dude, Coldplay concert will be awesome only when I go with my girlfriend.

Nitin: WTF…but you don’t have girlfriend.


We can identify ourselves with one or the other characters in these 6.

Sometimes like Nita and Monu we know where we lack, we know what needs to be done , but we just don’t do the improvements. We get busy in cribbing and crying only. We need to accept,  celebrate present version of ourself but at the same time we need not die victim of our drawbacks entire life, we need to take charge and improve our situation by putting extra effort. We need to stop finding blind excuses for not working on our drawbacks.

Sometimes, we are like Neel. We postpone the joy of celebration of present moment waiting to spend it with the perfect person. The moment we are in is perfect, the people we have in present are the perfect people.

Do think on these topics😉

Have a lovely weekend.

Loads of Love,

Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Stop Seeking Permission Baby!!!


#AskingPermission #GrowingUp
Momma…May I go to loo now…
Papa…May I buy this color pencil…
Grandpa….May I eat this cookies….
Bro…May I wear this Pink dress
Teacher….May I write this paragraph after this paragraph..

How cute…such a nice child…Very very well mannered. Yeah…this extremely cute process of seeking permission is good and necessary only till certain age. And after certain age we need to STOP seeking permission and only then we excel , we will know the real talent in us 😀

Must say….this took quite a lot of time for me to change…asking permission for everything is considered to be a synonym to respect we show to the other person….but you will realize that this respect will be misconstrued as “Indecisiveness” after we cross the stage of childhood. And we need to realize that we need to stop bothering others in taking their permission for everything and we need to liberate our mind from this taking permission or giving permission mentality.

Unfortunately/ fortunately I learnt this habit of NOT seeking permission for every bloody damn thing only after going to Delhi, that too because of couple of mentors ( who are parallely my friends/ Managers/ Bosses). Their way of training me in this aspect was lil bit tough, sarcastic but could understand their good and kind intent only after this good change in me. They are the ones who taught me, showing respect doesn’t mean bugging them for everything for their permission but completing the assignment successfully without drama but with full might, confidence and hell lot of cheerfulness. This topic might be very insignificant for my mentors but this is very remarkable change which they brought in me and changed the way I live and work. It transformed me from Princess mentality to Queen mentality.

Driving the point home, accept that you are an adult and stop seeking permission for every damn thing from others. Ain’t it cool and awesome to be the best version of you.

So, if you want to achieve greatness, stop seeking permission 😀

Have an awesome week ahead and have a blessed October too

Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu

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“Anything that annoys you is for teaching you patience.

Anyone who abandons you is for teaching you how to stand up 

on your own two feet.

Anything that angers you is for teaching you forgiveness and compassion.

Anything that has power over you is for teaching you how to take your power back.

Anything you hate is for teaching you unconditional love.

Anything you fear is for teaching you courage to overcome your fear.

Anything you can’t control is for teaching you how to let go and trust the Universe” 

― Jackson Kiddard

(Content Courtesy: Trust Your Journey Facebook Page)

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Qualities of Perfection

​Was studying Srimadhbhaaghavatam and in the Canto 1, Chapter 12, text 22 the qualities of Maharaja Parikshit are foretold and here it is the detailed summary. How beautifully the qualities are described.

This child will be as strong as a lion, and as worthy a shelter as the Himalayan mountains. He will be forbearing like the earth, and as tolerant as his parents.

Detailed explanation:
One is compared to the lion when one is very strong in chasing an enemy.

One should be a lamb at home and a lion in the chase. The lion never fails in the chase of an animal; similarly, the head of the state should never fail in chasing an enemy. The Himalayan mountains are famous for all richness. There are innumerable caves to live in, numberless trees of good fruits to eat, good springs to drink water from and profuse drugs and minerals to cure diseases. Any man who is not materially prosperous can take shelter of these great mountains, and he will be provided with everything required.

Both the materialist and the spiritualist can take advantage of the great shelter of the Himalayas. On the surface of the earth there are so many disturbances caused by the inhabitants. In the modern age the people have begun to detonate atomic weapons on the surface of the earth, and still the earth is forbearing to the inhabitants, like a mother excuses a little child. Similarly, parents are always tolerant to children for all sorts of mischievous acts. An ideal king may be possessed of all these good qualities,and the child Parikshit is foretold to have all these qualities in perfection.

Warm Regards,

Prasanna Rayaprolu 

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Do you dare to dream?


Since our childhood we all know how to dream. Asleep and awake. Thanks to the power of our imagination we believe we are capable of achieving anything we can dream of. However, as we grow older we lose this wonderful ability we’ll later need to be creative, to innovate, to change our lives and to transform our organizations. We invite you to dare to dream again, to challenge your comfort zone, and to enjoy the pleasure of turning your dreams into reality.
Do you dare to dream?

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Astitva : The Fountainhead for a human’s innovation, efforts and hope.


Astitva (Devnagari: अस्तित्व, meaning existence, identity)

Astitva : The Fountainhead for a human’s innovation, efforts and hope.

It’s an honor and grace being referred as someone’s Daughter/Son, Sister/Brother, Wife/Husband, Mother/Papa, Aunt/ Uncle, Friend.

However, there is something beyound all these , an identity of your own self immaterial of the above tags. Humans who manage to rise above these tags while maintaining the tags and manage to build their identity are a tough brand of people with tons of self esteem. They have an inner fire to do something, eager to show to the world that they are something. And the world is better and innovative because of these tough bums.

While the ones not bothered about identity mock these tough bums for their futile hard work and efforts, these tough bums continue their journey of Astitva. Because, Astitva is just not about the money you earn, the degrees you have, the character and the values you adhere; the way you respond and help the society;
It is something a blend of all the above. It is a journey of lifetime.

And this journey is so interesting, after building an identity of life time, after a good level we realise, this so called “Astitva”,we built (rather we thought we built by ourselves) is nothing but just act and grace of God and we are nothing. The sense of detachment from the “Identity” we built. And then comes the self actualization state, we tend to payback all that we earned (knowledge, wealth) to the society.
But the beauty of this Astitva at this state is though you give away everything, you have everything.

Driving the point home, what is the fodder for this Astitva? Self-esteem + Hope + Dreams + Guts to move out of comfort zone + Strongwill to undergo hardships.

Next time, you see a person who is making and effort to find his or her Astitva (identity), don’t discourage that person, if you can encourage it is good, however don’t kill or mock their thoughts and energy.

Have a lovely day ahead.

Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Smile Of Strangers



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Was having tea at my favorite tea shop. Suddenly a poor little girl came to me, she was very little, so I was about to give her money. She said “Please don’t give me money, buy me something to eat, I don’t want money”.
So, I took her to near by shop, bought a Dosa for her and then I left for my long walk.
After an hour an so in some other street, she saw me and came to me and said to me “Thank you Didi, Dosa is very tasty”.

Somehow, that smile and happiness of this stranger girl made me feel happy. May be I will meet her or will not meet her again.

There are so many known kids to whom I buy so many things but there is no sense of happiness. They take it for granted. They are like, what are you bringing next or why didn’t you bring better thing now.

Somehow, this incident made me think about the need and idea to share food/ books/ clothes to unknown poor kids often than to the known rich kids. Rich kids however have their parents to take care of their rich needs

Loads of Love,

Prasanna Rayaprolu