Prarabdha Karma

#SaturdayThoughts… Steve Jobs told ” Life should be understood by connecting the dots” and good old friend of mine said “Life should be understood in terms of Karma”. Just like Product backlog(We have Sanchita Karma), the epics/ user stories we plan for future is Agami, the things already planned and working for this sprint or…

Angaraki Chaturthi wishes to all of you

Angarki Chaturthi wishes to all of you This day is considered to be the most auspicious of all the Sankashti Ganesha Chaturthi days. Know more about this day: This day holds immense significance for followers of Marathi culture and the celebrations of this festival is particularly renowned in the western regions of India. In Maharashtra,…

Know about the Architect of the Universe : Vishwakarma

Vishwakarma Jayanthi..the Architect of the Universe 🙂 Know more about this Demi God: Vishwakarma is the designer and builder of this single material Universe of 14 Planetary Systems known as Bhu-mandala that includes designing this earth “round global sphere” that is referred to as a varsha, Island or ball in the ocean of outer space….

Lal Peru Icecream…did you taste it in Pune?

This is what I came for…..the phaaamoous Lal Peru icecream of Pune…when you eat this it is exactly…like eating fresh guava with mirchi powder …this is special icecream of Pune. Don’t miss trying it.. #LalPeruIcecream #PeruIcecream