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Vagarthaviva sampriktau vagarthah pratipattaye | Jagatah pitarau vande parvathiparameshwarau


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Today I was randomly checking some posts in facebook and i suddenly became happily nostalgic seeing this sloka and the painting. Our Sanskrit class in graduation used to start with this Magical and Mystical Verse  . Our Sanskrit Mam, Mrs Bharathi used to make all of us recite this sloka before the starting of each class, it was quite fun and different because by the time we reached graduation we were out of the system of “reciting prayers in the classrooms”, however we used to like reciting this.

Oh, yeah, we do have the reference of this beautiful sloka in Sagarasangamam movie of Kamalhassan too.

Ok, here is this beautiful sloka, its meaning and the beautiful interpretation done by some gentleman already, i dont own the below content, however thought should post it here, do read it and feel joyful.

Vagarthaviva sampriktau vagarthah pratipattaye | Jagatah pitarau vande parvathiparameshwarau || – Raghuvamsha 1.1

Popular meaning: I pray parents of the world, Lord Shiva and Mother Parvathi, who are inseparable as speech and its meaning to gain knowledge of speech and its meaning.

In this sloka(verse), Kalidasa requests divine parents Lord Shiva and Mother Parvathi to teach him speech and its meaning. In other words, In this verse, we are humble and dependent like a small kid requesting helping hand of our parents to learn the spoken language. Now we have many questions raining:

Is that all? It sounds like a pretty straight forward Sanskrit verse. Isn’t right? What is magical and mystical about it?

The magic and beauty comes from the divine language, Sanskrit. It is all in – how we divide the words, which meaning we take for a word and ultimately how we rearrange and organize the verse. Any word in Sanskrit has several meanings and many shades of interpretations. So, this provides us opportunities to dig deeper to understand a verse to unlock its esoteric meaning in many different ways
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