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Celebrating 10 years of my blogging and my blog



Exactly 10 years back , those were the days,when I was into a start up company working as a Instructional Designer/Technical Writer/Market Research Associate basically to summarize when i was working as a Jill of all trades.That was the time when I was a Moderator for a Debate Forum online where everyday I used to moderate, participate in several international,national and versatile topics .The fights, debates in those forums where that strong that even Arnab or Rajdeep or Barkha would have learnt some tips from our forum.Oh,yeah..all these moderation, debates were done in my pen name. I earned good amount of friends, enemies by that time online too.

Just then,this concept of blogging started in the lovely and lively mysterious world of internet. Me being a knowledge hungry,highly expressive and radically experimental person didn’t want to stop exploring the world of blogging too .When i said, to my family, friends and colleagues “I am going to start my own blog”, first question was “What the hell is a blog”, when i said to them, it is some kind of online personal diary ,personal website, 90 percent of them laughed at me by saying “Oh Really!! Prasanna!! What do you thing of yourself? Who is going to read it? Do you think you are some celebrity? What are you going to write in it? Do you think you have enough knowledge that you want to share that knowledge to the world too?”

Honestly , i didnt have answers to all or atleast some of those questions . However, I wanted to start the blog. I started it with zero support, zero encouragement. I still remember, the day i received my first comment from unknown person, it was a post related to vedic mathematics and renowned person in that field commented on my post. That was so exciting for me, i received a positive comment for my one of the first posts that too from a renowned person in that field.

Slowly, just to improve my habit of writing i continued writing. I wrote blogs on all the random topics i am interested in. After some months, I added link of my blog in my resume too along with other social networking sites. I got to befriend several new online friends, initially i used to feel, people are tricking me or lying when they used to introduce themselves and write to me that they like my blog posts and they are fans of my blogs. I used to accept their comments /mails only after exhaustive research about them. Slowly, such mails and messages increased and i too felt more confident about myself, my writing. This blog of mine became a primary tool in personal branding. Unknowingly , it helped me a lot in my career and life. Interviewers started reading my blogs before final rounds of my interviews. And even now, it is such a pleasure when the Country heads or the Vice Presidents of the Organizations I want to work with talk to me about my blog and the posts in it.

On the other side, the comments/mails i receive from outsiders are more about how my blog posts inspire them and how they come back to my blog to feel good, feel motivated when they want to feel better. This is a huge achievement for me. All i did was, blog what i felt, about my failures, my tiny successes and my feelings in these journeys, and all i want to do through my blog is help others also find their best version while i am also trying to become my better version.

I started my blog on October 23rd 2007 and by this October 23rd 2017 it is 10 years and I feel good about it. What i strongly believe is ” When you believe strongly in an idea, JUST DO IT, don’t wait for approval of entire world to start the things which you believe strongly”. I started writing my first book this year and will be publishing it by end of 2018.

Warm Regards,

Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Real World Is Still Beautiful

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Happy Thoughts :)

I was having chat with one of my dear friend and suddenly as a part of our discussion this topic of “Is this social media, news channels making us more depressing and making us not practice gratitude at all? ”

“Trump threw paper napkins on the people waiting for aid”
“Read these 10 reasons on why Narendra Modi’s Demonetisation is a big flop”
“Once again Rahul Gandhi insulted BJP”
“Yogi Adityanath cares for cows more than humans”
“100 people dead in so and so city”
“Pakistan did it once again to India !!!!! “

Goddamn!! News are becoming sick, Overrated and manipulated. And above all due to more channels, more papers the authenticity of news is getting killed, every stupid data is not news.And subsequently more and more stupid memes are generated. Making us more bitter and bitter unknowingly. Yes, we have the option to shut down TV, disconnect the network router. You might be wondering what exactly is my ranting is about, what exactly is my drama about.

Real World is really beautiful. It isn’t bad as badly depicted in the media, people of different nations, different cultures, different religions really coexist very well. It is not that alarming.

Religion: Yes, love your religion. Know more about your religion, Share about your religion but don’t degrade other religions. It’s like you like you are proud of your mother, you tell to the World about beauty of your mother but for that you need not degrade other peoples mothers. Yeah, I am humble Telugu Brahmin, however my great friends are very good Muslim’s, Christians.We do discuss religion but we don’t kill each other or scold each other.

Politics: Each one is entitled to have their political views, we are inclined to one or the other party but just that other person has different views we need not develop grudges with them and make mockery of him.Yes, I am inclined towards one party, it doesn’t mean, I degrade people who support other parties or it doesn’t mean I support mistakes of the party is support.

In, Helsinki my favourite restaurant is in Mannerheimintie. Its an amazing restaurant where they serve Indian food, for a person like me, if I don’t eat Indian food for 2 consecutive days, I end up feeling depressed. And this restaurant comes to my rescue all the times. Hospitality of the owner and staff is simply amazing. Only after my first visit I realised it is not a restaurant owned by an Indian, it’s actually owned by a Pakistani. After all, India and Pakistan are siblings from same subcontinent.

Driving the point home… Real world is still really beautiful, don’t get carried away by strong and biased opinions in the news and different media.

Do share your thoughts.

Have a great day ahead.
Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu