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Some Sunday Thoughts…


Sometimes, I forget from how much strong background I come from. I forget what values of strength my parents instilled in me. Shame on me!! Just that some morons belittle me…how did I forget who I am…how strong I am….why did I forget the lessons of Dad..

My Dad is the first role model. After a rich and wealthy childhood; in his early teens, they lost the property and farms. Dad started his career at 16 th year as “Messenger”( the role just above sweeper) in the bank. He rose to the level of Senior Manager in due course of years. He never cursed his fate, instead dreamt great dreams in that gutter level of life too…..and in all these journey he never compromised on his value system. He never asked for favors, he got transferred to all the odd towns, but like a “Lotus”, he bloomed wherever he was posted.

My Dad reminds us( the siblings) “Don’t forget your roots. Don’t get carried away by the power, wealth and luxuries you have now. At any cost don’t forget thanking, meeting the people who were with you in your bad times. The people you have around you when are powerful and wealthy are not the real wellwishers…Don’t disrespect these new people but don’t count them, they will leave you as soon as their work with you is completed. At the same time, don’t forget improving yourself constantly, dream high, achieve your dreams with your hard work. Don’t trade your self-esteem for a better job, better promotion. Become best version of yourself by your own efforts…that’s real happiness; never make fun of others we never know about tommorrow”.

If TIME can lift you to Abnormal HEIGHTS, the same TIME can push you to Abnormal Low levels too…be so self sufficient and capable that you can rise again..yeah meanwhile don’t make mockery of others who are struggling and don’t get jealous who are winning…everyone has their day….kindness matters..hurting and killing others doesn’t lead anywhere 😀 .And if you feel happy degrading others and belittling others…then definitely you have a problem.

Just a beautiful and important thought to ponder ❤

Have a beautiful Sunday.

Loads of Love,

Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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