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Some Random Thoughts: Don’t Give up on Yourself

​#Some Random Thoughts 

Sometimes, I just get disheartened thinking of all the crappiest things that happened to me “Couldn’t study the mechanical engineering which I wanted to”; “Didn’t write the UPSC exams to become a IAS which I always wanted to become”; ” Couldn’t Do Ph.d in Nanotechnology which I wanted to do”; “Couldn’t marry the people I had serious crushes to”; “Got hurt to that extent that I get scared of the concept of Love and Marriage”; “Got hurt like hell by so many because of my dusky complexion and obesity “; Got harassed for my outspoken attitude and aspect of questioning status quo at work” and wonder “Hell! Is this a life”…

And then I think what all could I achieve in spite of all these. (Yeah, I still could earn 2 Masters degrees, do several decent jobs and now I am a Project Manager…might not be best Project Manager yet….if I could come so far…I will a best PM too one day; And then I work a lot to reduce my I ain’t dangerous like 10 years back )

And then I think of all the people who still trust me and love me for what I am.

And then I think of my support system ( my family and my few of mentors/ friends) who still treat me like a Diamond of immense value. They don’t see me like a bin with trash, they don’t see me as a less priced …they see me as Priceless….

Life…is worth living…is worth living in a beautiful manner…no matter what has happened…we still have so much to achieve..our plans might be different but God’s plans are beautiful…so trust the God’s plans for you and Never Give Up. Cry…if you feel like…but start new day with gratitude and hope. And ensure you have you have your support system near you in all these…they are the army of angels sent by God to you.
PS: I don’t write for attracting some likes or comments…I would feel my life has better meaning if at least one person who reads this feels better about his/ her life and will not give up on him/herself. 
Have a beautiful day ahead.
Loads of Love,

Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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