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Deal the Problems like a Boss : Tom Sawyer Whitewashing The Fence….

The Story: Tom Sawyer Whitewashing The Fence (From The Adventures of Tom Sawyer)
Tom Sawyer was asked to whitewash the fence as a punishment.
As Tom begins the dreaded task of whitewashing, he sees Ben Rogers approaching. When Ben teases Tom about not being able to go swimming and being forced to work, Tom points out that it is not exactly work if he is enjoying himself, and he makes a great show of applying whitewash and then stepping back to admire his own effects. When Ben wants to try his hand at whitewashing, Tom pretends to be reluctant until Ben offers him first the core of the apple and then the entire apple. Other boys show up–boys who “came to jeer, but remained to whitewash,” and by the middle of the afternoon, the fence is whitewashed (by the other boys), and Tom finds himself a rich man, having collected marbles, a part of a Jew’s harp, a kite, and many other items as payment from the boys doing the work.
In this chapter, Tom reveals his basic knowledge of human psychology; that is, that a person most desires what cannot be easily attained. Tom is also a fine actor, and he cleverly uses this ability in handling his friends. Thus, Tom is able to use this basic understanding of human nature to get others to do his work for him and to pay for the privilege of doing it. Instead of being able to join the others at the town center, he brings the center of the town to him, has others do his work for him, and he ends up with all sorts of treasures. In this way, Twain reveals Tom as a natural leader. Throughout the novel, we will see that Tom is the leader; it will always be “Tom Sawyer’s gang;” it is always Tom’s ideas of what game to play; and Tom is always the winner in games as well as in fights with his peers. He is also usually the winner in his conflicts with the adult world.
In life there are so many situations we are pushed into where we don’t want to be, which we dont want to do. We are forced to be in that situation, complete it. However when we are in such situation it is not necessary to give up. It is not necessary to cry and crib. Even such situations can be turned into opportunities. Even such situations can be shown/ sold to the world as “Never before Never Again” kind of opportunities to the world. The only and main investment here is RIGHT ATTITUDE and PRESENCE OF MIND. This approach can be called as “ Tom Whitewashing the fence “ attitude.
We will be happy, we will be successful, wealthy when we adopt this approach in personal life and in professional life. We can deal our problems like a BOSS without suffering, we can deal our problems ENJOYING them 🙂 Most of my mentors whom I work are perfect examples for this approach, they turn every problem into an opportunity and above all package the problems in such a way that everyone volunteers to work for them 😉
So Be Like Tom, Be Like a BOSS 🙂
Loads of Love,


A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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