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Don’t be Sorry and apologetic !!!

​#WeekendThoughts #Dreams 

This message is so personal to me. I was (am to still some extent) like this unintelligent, apologetic kid who is full of ideas and thoughts but scared like a rabbit to share confidently…reason being I was made fun of my ideas, my thoughts and only later they used to repackage those ideas and sell them in their name…initially I didn’t knew this game, I used to think I am crap, my ideas are inferior….but still I continued having innovative ideas…but I used to attach this tag “Sorry…my idea May sound dumb but still i have this idea”…and this phase continued for years….only when Assertive, caring mentors entered my life…I could come out of this phase…my Assertive and caring mentors were ruthless with me when I behaved like scared rabbit…they challenged me to make mistakes, be bold, share the ideas….slowly I could get out of this “Sorry…I may sound dumb” phase…still that traces are there in me however…with the continous support of my Assertive and caring mentors I am out of that unintelligent/ apologetic phase of sharing ideas and thoughts.

 Now, I share my ideas confidently, if they like it…it’s good…if they don’t like it…still it’s good…I introspect in positive manner, and if I believe my idea is good, I will sell it or use it anyway in another platform instead of thinking my idea is inferior. Trust me this approach works πŸ˜€
And above all, it ok not to be perfect, right all the times. It’s ok if your ideas don’t work. Just that your ideas doesn’t work, or just that someone makes fun of your ideas it doesn’t mean you are “Dumb” and  therefore you need not be apologetic πŸ™‚ . It’s ok to make mistakes and still you can roam confidently as long as you learn from mistakes and implement the genuine feedback from genuine people πŸ™‚ 


May you too be blessed with assertive and caring mentors as I have πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€  

Don’t ever let anyone kill the spark in you. Dare to dream. Strive to achieve.

Happy Weekend.

Loads of Love,

Prasanna Rayaprolu
PS: Martin Kallenbach and Amit:  Thank you for being my Assertive, caring and ruthless mentors…sometimes I wonder if you people need to be coaches of corporate Olympics. May you groom thousands and thousands of folks like me πŸ™‚



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