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Stop Seeking Permission Baby!!!


#AskingPermission #GrowingUp
Momma…May I go to loo now…
Papa…May I buy this color pencil…
Grandpa….May I eat this cookies….
Bro…May I wear this Pink dress
Teacher….May I write this paragraph after this paragraph..

How cute…such a nice child…Very very well mannered. Yeah…this extremely cute process of seeking permission is good and necessary only till certain age. And after certain age we need to STOP seeking permission and only then we excel , we will know the real talent in us 😀

Must say….this took quite a lot of time for me to change…asking permission for everything is considered to be a synonym to respect we show to the other person….but you will realize that this respect will be misconstrued as “Indecisiveness” after we cross the stage of childhood. And we need to realize that we need to stop bothering others in taking their permission for everything and we need to liberate our mind from this taking permission or giving permission mentality.

Unfortunately/ fortunately I learnt this habit of NOT seeking permission for every bloody damn thing only after going to Delhi, that too because of couple of mentors ( who are parallely my friends/ Managers/ Bosses). Their way of training me in this aspect was lil bit tough, sarcastic but could understand their good and kind intent only after this good change in me. They are the ones who taught me, showing respect doesn’t mean bugging them for everything for their permission but completing the assignment successfully without drama but with full might, confidence and hell lot of cheerfulness. This topic might be very insignificant for my mentors but this is very remarkable change which they brought in me and changed the way I live and work. It transformed me from Princess mentality to Queen mentality.

Driving the point home, accept that you are an adult and stop seeking permission for every damn thing from others. Ain’t it cool and awesome to be the best version of you.

So, if you want to achieve greatness, stop seeking permission 😀

Have an awesome week ahead and have a blessed October too

Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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