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Astitva : The Fountainhead for a human’s innovation, efforts and hope.


Astitva (Devnagari: अस्तित्व, meaning existence, identity)

Astitva : The Fountainhead for a human’s innovation, efforts and hope.

It’s an honor and grace being referred as someone’s Daughter/Son, Sister/Brother, Wife/Husband, Mother/Papa, Aunt/ Uncle, Friend.

However, there is something beyound all these , an identity of your own self immaterial of the above tags. Humans who manage to rise above these tags while maintaining the tags and manage to build their identity are a tough brand of people with tons of self esteem. They have an inner fire to do something, eager to show to the world that they are something. And the world is better and innovative because of these tough bums.

While the ones not bothered about identity mock these tough bums for their futile hard work and efforts, these tough bums continue their journey of Astitva. Because, Astitva is just not about the money you earn, the degrees you have, the character and the values you adhere; the way you respond and help the society;
It is something a blend of all the above. It is a journey of lifetime.

And this journey is so interesting, after building an identity of life time, after a good level we realise, this so called “Astitva”,we built (rather we thought we built by ourselves) is nothing but just act and grace of God and we are nothing. The sense of detachment from the “Identity” we built. And then comes the self actualization state, we tend to payback all that we earned (knowledge, wealth) to the society.
But the beauty of this Astitva at this state is though you give away everything, you have everything.

Driving the point home, what is the fodder for this Astitva? Self-esteem + Hope + Dreams + Guts to move out of comfort zone + Strongwill to undergo hardships.

Next time, you see a person who is making and effort to find his or her Astitva (identity), don’t discourage that person, if you can encourage it is good, however don’t kill or mock their thoughts and energy.

Have a lovely day ahead.

Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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