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Runway To Dreams

#FlightsOfDreams #RunwayToDreams

Yesterday I was walking in our colony happily lost in my thoughts like a happy Jumbo near a river in a jungle in monsoon …I wasn’t thinking of any serious topics of life…but I was seriously thinking which all cookies I need to buy and was humming this brand new favorite song of mine “Closer ” of Chainsmoker.

Suddenly …thadha….a maruthi van stopped beside me….the typical kidnap vehicle in India….for couple of seconds thought it was a random vehicle….I continued my happy jumbo walk…again that Maruthi van followed and stopped right beside me. I was like…”Who the hell is planning to Kidnap me, I ain’t in a mood to be kidnapped, I need to buy this salt and sweet cookies”.

Then…the guy near the window said , “Driver Uncle is calling you”. I looked with suspicion in side the van.

In the van, the driver said to me smiling “Namaste Madam, How are you. It is really really honor and pleasure meeting you after several years”.
He is Nagesh Bhai. 6/7 years back, i used to go in his auto daily to my office. He is one of the auto drivers who has detailed understanding, interest in Indian politics, World politics. Everyday during our travel, we used to discuss all the issues in a good detail.

He has 2 daughters and then they used to be in 6 th and 4th standards. One day he requested me to spend a weekend with his daughters for few hours and tell them about importance of dreams, goals, how to aspire, different career paths, in importance of English Grammar and how to study well.

This was kind of interesting assignment for me.So I immediately accepted. One Saturday, both the daughters came home in the best of their dresses neaty dressed. They were staring at our home as if they were in some magical house…they were spellbound seeing our library.
As I am talkative, and had teaching experience it wasn’t hectic deal for me to make them talk too. Elder one told…”I don’t know what I want to be oncexi grow up…we are poor….second one said “I want to be a teacher”.
I slowly explained them…on having a dream, different options of professions, what to study, how to study….and gifted them some books of Swami Vivekananda and the letters to Indira by Jawaharlal Nehru.

And next few days Nagesh Bhai was so happy and used to say how his daughters felt good spending time with me.

After few months, Nagesh bhai moved to different parts of city, I moved to a different company where I had cab facility. So we didn’t meet afterwards.

After these many years, I see him yesterday. Now he bought a van and he takes school children in his van.

So the first question I asked him is “Bhai! How are you, what are your daughters doing”.
He said with cheerful smile ” Mam! My elder daughter just wrote medicine entrance, my second daughter is in 10 th standard”.

I felt immensely happy as if my own nieces are performing well. It isn’t a small deal that, the daughters of a very very normal driver are studying that well and aspiring great things to do.

This entire episode, just made me think…yeah..Destiny is not something we just should depend on God….but we should trust in Gods plans for us and pave our runyways to dreams from childhood with proper blend of hard work.

Have a blessed week ahead .

Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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