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Enthusiasm for Life 

Sometimes this suspense of what I will be doing in my 80th year kills me. 

Will I be this crazy…

Will I be flirting with the neighborhood old fellows

Will I travel to different places then too

Will I bug all in the World with my writings

Will I become wiser at least by then and talk less….

Will I be able to wear and flaunt my colorful silk sarees and dresses then too…

Will I be able to learn and understand emerging technologies, current affairs from my kiddo and young friends.. 


How interesting would I be as a 80 year oldie … don’t panic, I just wrote this thoughts not because I lost some nuts and bolts of my mind.

I wrote this to ponder and share some thoughts about “Enthusiasm for Life”.

I don’t care how many years I live or when I die, but one thing I wouldn’t let anything steal away from me is “Enthusiasm for Life”. 

Life is extremely tough, is extremely unpredictable, extremely beautiful and we never know when we die, we never know when our loved ones leave us. 

All things are not in our control but somethings are in our control.

We do have full control on how we react, act and spend our current moment.

Howmuchever crazy our current moment is, we shouldn’t  miss sharing love, shouldn’t miss sharing our warmth, our positive energy to the World, the people around us and to our own ourself.
Because if we live in the moment, the next moment will be taken care itself…

We need to Live life with energy and enthusiasm…because we always have something or the other to be grateful about. We need to Stop postponing the celebration of present moment waiting for perfect moment. 

Think about this topic of “Enthusiasm for Life”. Real enthusiasm, not faking happiness and faking enthusiasm 😀 

Have a nice Saturday.

Loads of Love ❤ ❤ ❤

Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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