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What an interesting journey it is so far…


When I stood my district 9 th with 93 percent of marks and when my name popped up in district newspapers : too have brains? We declare you as Queen.

When I stood 2nd in 10th with 86 percent: You are a rockstar.

When I got a mad rank 24153 in my life changing engineering entrance exam:  What the fuck happened to you.(Not that I was poor in my studies)

When I flunked first time in my math exam in graduation first year after not being able to join Engineering : We now declare you loser, you are not going to do anything in life, you just don’t know how to study. Good for nothing fellow you are.(Not because I was poor in my studies)

When I flunked my final year math in graduation and was super obese too: Don’t know how you are going to survive in this world neither you got good grades nor you are beautiful. How will you survive?( Yes, I was’nt lazy or poor student, I was really good at Math and I used to solve very well otherwise in normal days but not in exam hall)

After my masters and when i joined in college  as Physics Lecturer, as Teaching was my favorite: Look at your siblings, friends and cousins; they studied in top engineering , top b schools and earning like crazy…look at you…you are happy with your 3125 rupees as Lecturer???

When I left Teaching for writing in a start up company : You are doing a blunder…you don’t know how awesome Physics Lecturer you are…you are meant only for teaching…look at your happy students…

When I left job at writing and research to ITSM : You are going to regret your entire life…you are good at writing, you are meant for this job, ITSM is not for you.

When I was in ITSM ( basically Knowledge Management): You are really awesome in Knowledge Management, this is in you right from childhood. You should contribute more and more and retire  in this field.

When I was trying to move from Knowledge Management to Project Management : You are nuts. Did you ever hear anyone from process team moving to project management. And that too from Knowledge mgmt…stop day dreaming.

When I joined Project Management : You are sweeeet person( May be as sweet as some pastrie or rosgulla or mysore pak …don’t know). You are not meant to be in project management. Still I am in project management 😉 , excited where life takes me next.

This is me. Though I am immensely expressive,  I never get perturbed of my stardom or my dog days, i never get perturbed of moving away from my herd, I never get perturbed of moving out of my comfort zone, I never get perturbed of praise or shame …because deep down in my heart I know I am “Queen” and a Queen ain’t scared to experiment, fail …because ultimately she is going to conquer the Empire. No one officially declared me as a Queen any where at any point of time…but who the hell does that…did you ever hear or see Lion being declared as King of Jungle in any formal meeting?? But entire universe knows it right!!!!

Didn’t write this to boast about me, don’t be ashamed to do something different, Dont be scared to get out of your comfort zone, trust you, trust your journey…you are the QUEEN/ KING of your life…so act and behave like one. Don’t let anyone steal the spark in you…not even yourself; trust yourself and the God who sent you to this planet.

Have a blessed week ahead.

Loads of Love,

Prasanna Rayaprolu