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Sunday Thoughts : Circus Of Life


Here today after a refreshing weekend, I came up with this similie of Circus and Life and want to name it as “Circus of Life”.

There are two dimensions. Every person’s entire life and the people we encounter in life can be compared to Circus, where we play different roles of Circus and where we encounter different people of Circus.

How entertaining our life is , depends on how much variety and how diversified is the circus we are into. The diversified traits, the diversified roles we play in life make the circus makes more entertaining. We may chose to be the Joker; who knows everything but still does everything in funny manner, we may chose to be the courageous and pretty  girl doing variety of stunts , we may chose to be the stuntman who risks everything and is just focussed on his show. We need to play all these with right attitude because rest of the world is watching you and for them every act of yours is just entertainment….even the way you deal your problems is also entertainment..but you shouldn’t get perturbed of audience reactions…you just need to focus on your performance 😀

Another dimension is apart from our inner Circus, the external circus of life too becomes more entertaining when we associate in more shows and with more people. We encounter jokers, we encounter pretty people, we encounter tough guys and in the end it’s all entertainment of life. There are so many hardships, everything is risky, but need to be done in funny manner with team spirit because it’s entertainment and World is watching you. In this team dimension of Circus, there should be perfect synchronization with the people you are associated to, if they don’t show humanity or team spirit you just die. If you think others are not helping you, you better have your own individual shows so that at least you don’t get hurt or die without proper reason.

We come alone, we die alone and the important and beautiful time in between is just “Circus of Life” and how diversified you make it and how many people you accommodate in between and make show of Life entertaining is something interesting….


Image Courtesy: Google Search. About this famous painting. This is “The Circus” painting, incomplete as the art died while he was painting and still it is very famous.
The Circus is famously known as Georges Seurat’s final work before his death in March 1891

Have a great week ahead.

Loads of Love ,
Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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