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Mysterious Yet Beautiful Life :)


Was busy and recovering from  fever in past few days and didn’t have much options except for gulping bunch of medicines ,staying at home and sticking to my mom like a Kangaroo and it’s baby… and Have been reading different biographies and  watching various internet videos on different life stories last week..

One side we have superheroes of real life…a lady who is a survivor of acid attack ..another a victim of human trafficking…still they have passion for Life…
On the other side we have screen star who gave up on life after hardships…and some gave up after being strong for long time…

There are some who are dying to be alive..

There are some who are dying every moment and who don’t want to live..

Everyone is correct in their place….

But still…What a paradox….people who want to be alive….die…they and their loved ones do everything to keep them alive..but still they die…

And on other side there are lots of People who want to die, who don’t have any urge to live life even for a second…they live homuchever effort they make to die…

And there is one more important category, they see face of death but still get second chance to live. They know what it is to die and how difficult it is to live in tough times and how difficult it is to make an effort to be alive…they know how precious life is..

Life is mysterious…God’s choices to us are mysterious…

Our stay in this planet is just decided by God and the way we live in this planet is decided only by Our own self. We can create heaven by  living each moment happily or create hell by dieing  every moment by living in sadness…the choice is ours….

Let’s live this moment completely, God takes care of the next moment 🙂

Next time, you meet a person, pause for a second, genuinely ask them how are they and share a smile, share a warm hug…

Have a blessed week ahead 🙂


Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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