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Image Courtesy: Pinterest

She belonged to a powerful race, this woman.
She was soft, strong, tenacious and beautiful all at once.

With fragrance in her blood, the scent of resilience taking her though rough seas and calm, jagged terrains and ambiguous highlands; she was weathered.

Finding strength in solitude, she emerges; tall, bold, spirited. Always an enhanced alteration of herself, reborn with a fire that kindles. What breaks her, makes her. And she wears the beautifully broken fragments with grace.

Yes, she does belong to a powerful race, this woman. A blossoming rose, exemplifying all of womankind.
She perfumes the winds as she walks, and the air lingers with yearning for her to return.

– Anushka Gupta
Content Courtesy: Rantings of a beautiful mind Facebook page.



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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