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Magical March : Friday Thoughts


Constant concerned question/ lovely warning and suggestion I face from my loved ones right from my school days is “Why do you struggle, why can’t you be normal like others…why don’t you reduce your speed….why can’t you follow the normal route of your fellow people, why do you take different route and why do you take risks in life”.

Several times in life…I face this questions like “Why are you not like your colleagues, why aren’t you just  like your other college folks, why all these different ideals, Aren’t you scared of being in tough situations, why don’t you like settled in comfort zones”.

And yeah, I get into troubles, I get hurt , it’s not that I don’t listen to my loved ones advice, I do listen, particularly when I fail ,  I do try to be like other people , but …You know what…when I try to do that…I miss me…And after a short interval of introspection, I do what my heart says and again I am in my normal way, then again I feel alive.

And this time too while I was coming back from long vacation, Mom asked me the regular questions, “Why can’t you be normal like folks of your age, why different aspirations, Do you still have energy.”

And I couldn’t stop hugging her and saying “Amma!  if there is onething that drives me, even if I am dead tired and broken, it is my innerfire, inner energy and the dreams God planted in me. And if I leave these, I am as dead as a rock. Don’t ask me to be whom I am not meant to be, I will not be happy “. And she hugged me back, saying “I know :)”.

And today being a Friday night , I was checking my good old favorite books and aloha, I find this quote from my favorite book “Johnathan livingstone Seagull”


Here is the quote:

“Why, Jon, why?” his mother asked. “Why is it so hard to be like the rest of the flock, Jon? Why can’t you leave low flying to the pelicans, the alhatross? Why don’t you eat? Son, you’re bone and feathers!” “I don’t mind being bone and feathers mom. I just want to know what I can do in the air and what I can’t, that’s all. I just want to know.

~~~Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

****** ****** ******** *******

We all are sent to this planet with some purpose and we shouldn’t waste this powerful human life by passing the time just like that copying others. We are unique 🙂 . May be once in a while we need to pause, introspect, forgive ourselves, forgive others and sharpen our minds, skills, and live the life we want to live 🙂

Happy Weekend.

Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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