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Dil Dhadakhne Do…Follow Your Heart…Live The Life..


Oh..another leap year day and yeah how will I miss a chance of blogging on this day.

Today, I would like to share few thoughts on my favorite topic “Fearlessness”.

People who know me call me a Fearless person and only few know how I make constant effort to deal my fears and be fearless. I don’t claim that I am fear prone person, I do have so many fears, however am making effort to deal my fears. Yes, I get hurt, I seek help, sometimes I am made fun, however still even with tears in my eyes; I seek help from right sources and deal my fears.

By the way, why should we talk, work on the inconvenient topic “Fears”. What advantage does “Fearlessness” bring.
Fearlessness opens doors to actual World, once we start dealing our fears head-on and understand how to deal them , we get the real magic, joy and kick of life.Once we are fearless, we listen to our heart and we live life.

Yes, it is very risky and Immensely tough to expose our fears to OUR OWN SELF, it is inconvenient to stop pretending we don’t have any fears. However, understanding our fears, dealing them in right time by taking a step back and nurturing yourself with Fearlessness is quite amazing.

Here is a beautiful article from Brahmakumaris Facebook page on dealing fears:

Simple Exercise To Identify Your Hidden Fears
If you want to overcome and overpower fears that exist inside you, you have to first take a look at your feelings and hidden emotions. After realizing your feelings and emotions, you have to know how to manage them and finally correct or overcome them. Given below is a simple exercise that will help you to achieve that. This exercise will help you identify the conscious and sometimes sub-conscious (very subtle) fears that lie inside you.
Choose an area of your life that you feel is negative and needs some improvement. Now, ask yourself these three questions:
1. What do I really want, what is my aim and objective?
2. What obstacle/obstacles are stopping me from achieving my objectives?
3. What prevents me from dealing with or overcoming that obstacle?
For each fear that comes to you in response to the question no. 3, ask yourself the following questions:
A. What is the worst that can happen, if what I fear occurs?
B. What is the best possible result for me and for others, if I do it even though I feel afraid of doing it?
C. Keeping in front of you the answer to question B and comparing it with the answer to question A will inspire you to overcome the fears that lie inside you.

Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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