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Honesty blended with Vulnerability: Does it Make you or Break you?


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I have been gifted with 5 Bhaghavad Gita books till date and the constant advice I receive from my well wishers, Uncles and spiritual mentors when I
succeed greatly and when I fail greatly is to “Read Bhaghavad Gita”.

I being in a holiday these days, and being lil bit more enthusiastic about purpose of life, right way of living, right way of talking; started reading Gita these days.

First topic which resulted as a start of this study is ” Honesty blended with Vulnerability: Does it Make you or Break you”.

From childhood, we all are raised with some values and morals. And may be the first lesson taught is “Be honest, honesty is best policy”. We are asked to be honest no matter what situation it is.

And even in childhood, there were situations where we had to show or share our vulnerabilities;   may be due to innocence of childhood, and due to the purity of childhood; we were never ashamed to share our vulnerabilities. And when shared our vulnerabilities with our trusted ones, we received right help, guidance,up bringing from our elders and that’s how we grew 🙂

However, as we grow,  we unknowingly due to external situations we learn how to hide our emotions, how to hide our vulnerabilities and we learn how to showcase ONLY positive and strong image of ours.

Still, we are pushed into different situations and where we might have to show our vulnerabilities, in that situation to protect the public image of us or to get our desired job or to win the heart of our desired person we might be in a dilemma thinking should we be honest about vulnerabilities?
We wonder thinking , Will we miss the things/ opportunity/ people if we show our vulnerabilities. Will they accept us ? Will they hate us? Will they think we are weak?

And in this situation, there are two options:

Option 1: We tend to ditch the ship of Honesty and catch the easy flight of lies and hiding our vulnerabilities. This option temporarily wins the things/ opportunities/people. However, once they get to know your lies, they get to know your reality, you will lose the trust and the stuff you gained permanently. The stuff won out of dishonesty,lies don’t remain as you lose them because you don’t receive right help or guidance because people don’t know your reality and the actual help you need.

Option 2:
We do understand how important it is to win that present thing/ job opportunity/ desired person. We do know that missing that will break us, we do know that sharing our vulnerabilities to them might expose your reality to them. However, we choose the route of Honesty and share our vulnerabilities with them. In this situation, if the other person is right person, he / she understands the strength behind your vulnerabilities, the guts behind your honesty and gives you the opportunity , gives you right opportunities to groom yourself in overcoming your trouble some stuff. In this situation, you get best learning of your life.

If the other person,  is not right person, he/ she will make fun of you or vulnerabilities; thinks you are weak or  incompetent or unworthy and rejects you for the role. Yes, you lose the opportunity, but it is not a loss at all. It is not easy, however the loss of opportunities from people who don’t accept your reality and vulnerabilities is not a loss at all.


During the war time, Arjuna had dilemma in waging war with his own people. In this situation, he shared his vulnerabilities to Lord Krishna.
Though, he was such an amazing warrior, He wasn’t ashamed to show how weak he felt. And as a result of this Lord Krishna had amazing conversation with Arjuna and it is none other than the divine song ” Bhaghavad Gita”. Rest is history, we all know how Arjuna fought the war and won.

Driving the point home,  exposing our vulnerabilities with honesty is strength of character and sign of strong person. May we be strong and may we live right life with right opportunities.

Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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