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How to control thoughts


These days, I follow a page by Brahma Kumari’s on Facebook. Everyday they share good thoughts and suggestions to practice.

Today’s exercise is on controlling thoughts and I feel it is extremely useful to everyone, so sharing the post here.

Practical Exercise On Intellect Reawakening And Empowerment:

It has been estimated that for around 80% of our daily routine we are ruled by habits. This means that most of the time we go straight from thought (created by the mind) to action, without checking the quality of our thoughts. In this way, we bypass the intellect, and do not use our capacity to judge right from wrong and to make conscious decisions. What we need to do now is reawaken, use and empower the intellect, which is true spiritual empowerment.

Practical Exercise:

Withdraw your attention from everything around you. Create a simple thought in your mind. Concentrate on the thought. Then use your intellect to judge to what extent the thought is right or wrong and what the quality of that thought is (is it a negative thought, a waste or unnecessary thought, a necessary thought, a positive one etc.?). If you decide it is not a good thought, leave it and create a better thought. In this way, you consciously exercise control of your mind and intellect thereby strengthening your mental and intellectual capacities. This will also help you regain your feelings of rule over the self.

If thoughts or images come from your memories or from sources outside your own mind while you are busy in this inner exercise, don’t give them any mental energy. Let them go and bring your attention back to your own conscious creation (mentioned above).
Once, you have mastered this in this exercise; try the same process while you busy in your daily routine.

Stay blessed and loads of love,

Prasanna Rayaprolu


A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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