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Life Is Beautiful – “The Intern” Movie Experience


Previous Saturday being the “Only Me, Not going to talk to anyone else day” of mine, I was pampering myself with good workout, nutritious yummy diet, nice music and it extended to Nice movie along with shopping….

After a good shopping at mall, I was eagerly waiting at the lounge of the movie theatre eating my popcorn…and I was lil ahead of the movie time…so there was sooo much time for movie…
99 percent of the crowd was young…and my attention automatically directed to a an elderly couple….elderly in the sense ..the Gentleman is definitely 75 plus and The Lady 70 plus….

They were dressed in traditional Indian attire….The Gentleman even has a handowen wire basket with newspaper,water bottle,biscuits in it….The lady has a walking stick….they were cute…I was wondering which movie this elderly couple are waiting to watch…

Aftersometime, I reached near the entry of screen of “The Intern “movie….curiously waiting for the doors to open….afterall reviews of the movie were amazing….suddenly I find this lovely old couple near the entry of “The Intern”…I was sweetly surprised and felt happy seeing them closely…they both are interacting in amazing English…they were just bothered about each others safety…

The gentleman definitely seemed like the Grandpa in the “Up” movie…he smiled at me and don’t why but I felt sooo privileged and happy when he smiled at me. He said to me “Mam….Will you help my wife in reaching to our seat in theater…She needs help”…Then…the elderly lady smiled at me and said “I am fine…but please help my husband…he needs lil help”…and finally when the Gentleman insisted that his wife needs my help more….I took the elderly lady and but was ensuring that the Gentleman is also coming safely behind us….got them to their seats….they were sooo happy that I helped them..

I went to my seat with a sense of happiness and Feeling of privileged……I like such unpredictable people…

And the movie started….right from scene 1 this movie is a magic….this movie is about beautiful Master- Disciple ; Dad and Daughter ; Boss and Reportee chemistry of 70 plus years Senior Intern
Ben (Robert De Niro) and 30 plus Boss Jules (Anne Hathaway)…
Movie is all about how
Ben proves invaluable and wins over Jules with his hard-earned wisdom and compassion, providing Jules with much-needed guidance, as well as a trusty friend, as she navigates life’s ups and downs…yeah…I could relate to this movie very well though am not a Company Owner…each bit of this movie reminded me of my elderly Wise Best Friend Mentor Martin  🙂
And it’s a privilege in life having such wise mentors…
After a feel good factor of watching movie….I went back to the seats of the elderly couple…and I was sure they needed help ..I went to them…this time the elderly Gentleman was also comfortable in asking my help…they were soo happy…in the entire walk to the lounge…they were thanking me and sharing details about them..they told how much they liked the movie and how they managed to come to movie after a long time after the Lady’s knee operation..they felt soo happy knowing about me too and The Gentleman said they would be happy to drop me at home…I said I will go by myself….I said good bye to them and left the theater with lots of joy….I felt happy…everything about movie and everything about this elderly couple inspired me….

Life is beautiful…Life gives us opportunities when we too make our effort to live it….and above all we shouldn’t get stuck in normal and routine patterns…by thinking…”Aww…I am old…I am this…I am that…I should be doing only these…I shouldn’t be doing these… just because others said so”….
There is immense joy and beauty in life when we live it to fullest.

Don’t miss watching this beautiful movie


and this one too…


Loads of Love,
Prasanna Rayaprolu

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You are Unique : )


Other day, after a hectic weekend, I started my journey to my workplace .

I was waiting in the airport in the early morning at 4:00 am and I randomly got to read a wonderful post of Facebook. The message in it really beautiful and am sharing it here for all of you :

A man went to Guru Nanak Sahib and asked, “What’s the value of life?”
Gurunanak ji gave him one stone and said, “Find out the value of this
stone, but don’t sell it.”
The man took the stone to an Orange Seller and asked him what its
cost would be.
The Orange Seller saw the shiny stone and said, “You ca take 12
oranges and give me the stone.”
The man apologized and said that the guru has asked him not to sell it.
He went ahead and found a vegetable seller. “What could be the value
of this stone?” he asked the vegetable seller.
The seller saw the shiny stone and said, “Take one sack of potatoes
and give me the stone.”
The man again apologized and said he can’t sell it.
Further ahead, he went into a jewelery shop and asked the value of the
The jeweler saw the stone under a lens and said, “I’ll give you 50 Lakhs
for this stone.” When the man shook his head, the jeweler said, “Alright,
alright, take 2 crores, but give me the stone.”
The man explained that he can’t sell the stone.
Further ahead, the man saw a precious stone’s shop and asked the
seller the value of this stone.
When the precious stone’s seller saw the big ruby, he lay down a red
cloth and put the ruby on it. Then he walked in circles around the ruby
and bent down and touched his head in front of the ruby. “From where
did you bring this priceless ruby from?” he asked. “Even if I sell the
whole world, and my life, I won’t be able to purchase this priceless
Stunned and confused, the man returned to the guru and told him what
had happened. “Now tell me what is the value of life, guru ji?”
Gurunanak said, “The answers you got from the Orange Seller, the
Vegetable Seller, the Jeweler & the Precious Stone’s Seller explain the
value of our life… You may be a precious stone, even priceless, but
people will value you based on their financial status, their level of
information, their belief in you, their motive behind entertaining you,
their ambition, and their risk taking ability. But don’t fear, you will surely
find someone who will discern your true value.”
Respect yourself.
You are Unique.
No one can Replace you!


Prasanna Rayaprolu