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A Birthday Thank You Note :)

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Technically…this birthday of mine was supposed to be lousy for several reasons…like i completed 33 revolutions around Sun…ideally in India..33 and still Single???..such folks are considered as dangerous and as waste as a expired medicine…more than the main entities..the family members are tortured by so called relatives and society by saying”Are you not ashamed that you didnt get the daughter of your house married till now”…

My longtime crush/es is/are getting married this year…yeah Ranbir Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor are getting married…ayyo..i can no more claim they are mine..

Like a normal 30 plus that i have reached decent levels in career..i am in more search of meaning of life …more restless..more confused and more thoughtful…

However..the good news is am blessed with lively lovely all of you…my family..treats me respectfully and supports my choices…they dont treat me as expired medicine…they made me competent enough to live the World independently…and all of you my friends…you help me by your motivating help me reminding my positive qualities when i am in doubt about myself..
Yeah..regarding my crushes… is not bankrupt of handsome men…time to get new crush 😉
Fortunately or unfortunately…i still have this child like enthusiam for life..i want to learn soo many things..i want to excel in different arts..i want to explore different countries, cultures..i want to bring tiny and good difference in somany people lives..and one life is soo short ..but i dont want to waste anymore minute crying and cribbing about useless things…
This birthday…Had a good time at home with my parents..
I just want to share one note to all of you here…dont be ashamed because your life is not normal like as expected by society…while continuing to enhance yourself.. respect the present you..respect the people and choices you life with joy and your best effort in every your life to fullest as per your choices..what if you are not in good career will get tomm or thereafter..but for today respect in which job you are…what if you dont have partner..respect the other people who you have in your life…be expressive…tell the lovedones in your life how important they are for you..dont feel ashamed expressing what you think….be fearless..there is no fun in living life like a coward….its your own life..not your neighbours life..some people will rate you..hate you…judge you..but its your life..dont care long as you are not hurting and killing others by your choices…value your health..never take your health for granted…and never miss the chance of learning…learning keeps a person young..thats the ultimate cosmetic one can ever buy in market.

Thanks for being part of my life…thanks for your birthday messages…i felt like a celebrity…hope you people continue blessing me …
Love you all,
Prasanna Rayaprolu