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One More New Page In Journey Of My Life


For a person like me who keeps on talking all the times like a chatter box and who keeps on writing a lot like a printing is really surprising that today I dont have words to express what exactly is going on in my mind. Yay..Yay….I am moving to a new city..into a new company..into a brand new role 🙂

I just cant stop tears rolling through my eyes while writing this post. May be I am too emotional however cannot stop thanking the Good God, lovely Parents, adorable siblings, esteemed mentors and crazy Friends who showed confidence in me in all the tough times…

I cannot stop thinking and thanking all the hard times and crazy people who gave me tough time. Because of those, I learnt a lot and I became a better me.

In the times when I felt my dreams are killed, God sent to me his people in the form of mentors and helped me to have faith in me and helped me to reach my dreams….just cannot stop thanking all these wonderful people.

Special thanks to Martin, Amit, Arman and Darshika.

All I can say is “Dare to Dream, Strive to Achieve. Never Let Anyone or Anything Kill the Spark in You”.

Loads of Love,

Prasanna Rayaprolu