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Box Of Dreams…


Image Courtesy Google
Image Courtesy Google
That moment….
That moment after a terrible failure…
Its just after “turbulence”
In that silent moment after turbulence..
There is a choice to bury the leftovers of my “Box of dreams”…
Or build a brand new and improvised
“Box of dreams”…
Experience of Mind says”Enough is Enough…accept the failure and be happy with what you have”…
Mighty Heart says
“You bitch!!Is this your limit?
You said you are soo passionate about your goals from childhood…you are giving up so easily???Are you ready to look down yourself as a loser??
Sharpen your axe, tweak your skills try again with all your might…this time in new places with new energy…
But never let anyone or anything kill the spark in you”…
And I listened to my heart….and started building new box of dreams
Prasanna Rayaprolu


A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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