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Some Random Thoughts On Suffering, Hope, Joy, Success…..

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There is no specific goal of this post, however, I thought I should write all my thoughts here as it makes me feel light.

Life is like a roller coaster ride from the past 10 years. There are so many times I stumbled down, every time I stumbled down I shamelessly started my journey again.

Yes, there were so many times I thought I cannot fight any more or cannot dream again about Life again. However with the help of family members, cousins, friends and colleagues I started my journey again and again.

Like any other person, My situations were soo unique, I used to be mum about those situations, I did not share my issues with any one knowing that anyone would not understand them. I was shy or scared to share my issues and sometimes I was so headstrong I did not bother to share. During my graduation days, when girls of my age were busy with their usual stuff of fun, regular college, movies, beauty, fashion, crush, love and all…..I was in my different world of goals. I was in sadness that I did’nt achieve my childhood dream of doing Mechanical Engineering. That pain and suffering of NOT achieving our long planned goal , rather then goal of life is unexplainable. That feeling of becoming directly a ZERO in graduation days from a HERO status of School days is dangerous and tough to recover.

Life gave me somany chances, I could not study Mechanical Engineering but I could study somany other useful stuff  and subsequently I have various  Masters degrees in Applied Electronics, Planning and Project Management and Total Quality Management.

Job….. I did have an awesome start as a Physics Lecturer in College. Had awesome time of my life teaching Physics to various lively students. The joy of helping students understand the beauty of the subject is unfathomable. I used to love each and every class of mine . However had to move into another job for better assignments. I did promise myself that I will return to teaching after my 50 years of age.

I did have awesome time as Content Technical Writer, Market Researcher, Instructional Designer in my next job. I did learn a lot and got chance to explore my creativity(which I thought I never had). The passion for “Project Management” got ignited in me when I was working on several interesting projects here. I decided day I should be a Project Manager. Learnt so much through that job particularly through my lady boss who is persistent and assertive. However, This phase taught me somany tough lessons, there were times when my ideas were ridiculed, I was made fun of my strategies, was cornered for being different and dealing this phase helped me understand that in life it is not always necessary to get a “Yes” from everyone, if you believe in yourself you need to move ahead with confidence 🙂

Then, I moved into Knowledge Management in a prestigious company and worked with prestigious clients…this job helped me explore my learning and development, Knowledge Management skills to fullest extent and got ample opportunities to learn and implement Project Management in Knowledge Management. This was a phase where personal life and personal life were with lots of action. This was the phase where I did lot of University study in Project Management.  Learnt a lot from several colleagues and Managers….from some I learnt how to be and from some I learnt how not to be…with great power comes great responsibility and lots of stupid issues…trusting people is not a easy job…..and yeah forgiveness is the biggest medicine against any stupidity…somehow with the help of right people I could deal the stuff 🙂

I moved to my new job in a new place. Everyone warned me that “Lady!!! Dont move to that place of India….there the people exploit the folks”. I brushed aside all these and moved to this place, as I truly believe that entire world is equally safe and equally unsafe. Had a good opportunity to work on several Knowledge Management Projects. Have been working with wonderful team and one main thing i learnt here is  that sharing your dreams and goals is good. If you share your dreams and goals, some or the other person will guide you, help you to reach your goals. And am blessed to have somany Mentors who are guiding me to my goal of Project Management.

I am few steps away in reaching my goal of working in Project Management completely, looking forward eagerly to start my new assignments 🙂


This post is not to boast about my achievements ..this post is not a platform to cry about my issues…I shared this post with a hope atleast one or the other person reads this and will not stop underestimating the power one own self. Hoping that this short story of mine will help one or the other person somewhere in the world in having “hope” , “faith” “, “belief” in one own self 🙂

Here is a beautiful song :

Dhoondhe har ik saans mein
Dubkiyon ke Baad mein
har Bhanwar ke Paas. kinare..

(We) have searched in every breath
after having a dip (in water),
Near every storm..

Beh rahe jo saath mein
jo humare khaas The
kar gaye apni Baat kinare..

The ones that are flowing with us,
The ones that were special for us,
The shores, said what they had to.

gar maajhi saare saath mein gair ho Bhi jaayein
To khud hi to Patwaar Ban
Paar honge hum

Even if all the boatmen together become strangers to us
(that is, even if everyone turns against us)
Then we will become oars ourselves
and cross (the sea) on our own..

jo Chhoti si har ik neher saagar Ban Bhi jaaye
koi Tinka Le ke haath mein dhoondh Lenge hum
kinaare. kinaare. kinare.

Even if every small canal turns into a sea
We’ll take a straw in our hands and find

khud hi To hain hum. Kinaare.
kaise honge kam. Kinaare
hain jahaan hain hum. Kinare.
khud hi To hain hum. Kinare.

We ourselves are. shores.
Then how can there be less shores.
Wherever we are, there are shores.
We ourselves are Shores.

auron se kya khud hi se
Poochh Lenge raahein
Yahin kahin maujon mein hi
Dhoondh Lenge hum

Why others, we’ll ask ourselves only
about the path to follow
We’ll find it here somewhere
in the waves only..

Boondon se hi to hain bani
Baandh Lenge Leherein
Pairon Tale jo Bhi mile
Maan Lenge hum, Kinaare.

They’re made of water only,
we’ll tie the waves..
Whatever comes under our feet,
we’ll believe they are – Shores.

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Prasanna Rayaprolu