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Want to bring change…do you have the roadmap?

Vineet Nayar's Reply
Vineet Nayar’s Reply

Sometime back I asked Vineet Nayar

Hi Vineet! In a well established company, where people are really stuck with old ideas, preconcieved notions about some concepts, how should we bring change, a change that is dependent on the mindset of large target audience.Please suggest.I hate it when someone says…”Naah!This is impossible

Vineet Nayar replied

I agree with you that there are more people saying this is impossible and less saying this is possible and how.However that is what will set you apart as someone who stands apart and asks why not. The way i would approach this is to be clear of point A-IE where we are.Define point B ie where we want to go.Define maybe 10 steps to get to point B and then convince everyone on step 1 which is easier to digest than the idea of Point B.When you break big ideas into small ideas/steps people are more willing to walk with you. Also try approaching this problem by asking questions and not suggesting answers.People love to answer question and love to debate and disagree if you propose answers.Thus strat with questions and navigate the discussions to move to solutions limited to step 1. It is also important that you be clear on what is your goal.To own the idea or to make the change happen.If it is the latter make sure every idea is not your idea but our idea. It is never easy to climb mountains-that is why it is so much fun.It is never easy to change mindsets-that is why it is lots of fun and you have a great opportunity to try and have that fun.Enjoy.
PS: Vineet Nayar is Vice Chairman and Joint Managing Director of HCL Technologies Ltd. (HCLT), a $4.4 billion global information technology services company and author of the highly acclaimed management book “Employees First, Customers Second: Turning Conventional Management Upside Down” (Harvard Business Press, June 2010). He is also an acknowledged management visionary and a radical thinker who architected the company’s “Employees First, Customers Second” (EFCS) strategy, which transformed HCL’s business, through its inverted organizational structure which has helped create transparency and accountability within the organization and encourage a value-driven culture since its conception in 2005. (Courtesy:
These type of interactions and replies from Vineet Nayar , make me proud working for such a prestigious company HCL 🙂
Generally, I adopt this concept of Roadmap for my works. When I strongly believe in my idea, I start my work even if I don’t have any support, however above idea of Vineet where involving people in each and every phase and receiving their support slowly sounds very useful.
Prasanna Rayaprolu


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2 thoughts on “Want to bring change…do you have the roadmap?

  1. Brilliant Question & fantastic Answer : INdeed this is the way any bog problem & negativity to find a solution can be reached.. Excellent but not sure if you can put the details across on Public Wordspace 🙂 Beware ! we live two lives .. one with NDA & other without NDA

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