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Happy Women’s Day 2013 : Dare to Dream and Strive to Achieve Your Dreams!!!


Happy Women’s Day and thanks to all the Men in my life who encourage me and empower me.
Loads of Love to my Father who encourages and supports me to achieve my dreams.
Thanks to my Brothers who scold me and encourage me when I underestimate my self.
Thanks to my “Men” friends who help me and encourage me to pursue my goals.
You all make the Life of this woman beautiful. Thankyou 🙂 🙂 🙂


Here are some suggestions to my fellow women friends, these are strictly my personal opinions 🙂

Life is not easy for any gender , Learn to Deal Life:

I am really bored and strongly disagree with the concept of women being suppressed by men from several centuries. I may be in a utopian world or my own la la land, in this world of mine Women have nice life, Women are treated well, Women live their dreams provided they too make efforts to make their life better, just like the usual men do.  Any human needs to study hard, work hard, think smart, work smart, be up-to-date , be a human to have decent success and optimum happiness in life. This applies to Women and Men equally. If Women continue having this “excuse” of being exploited by Men, being suppressed by Men in all the phases, then Women will never progress. If you observe the biographies or Stories of Successful and Happy Women, they are the one’s who didn’t complain about the Men, even if they had issues, they did manage to deal them well. Life is not easy for any gender, Learn to Deal Life.

Stop Boasting about Multitasking, It’s a basic trait of every Gender:

I get to see several posters, messages in several social networking sites about the multitasking qualities of Woman. How they do various roles in their life and how thankless the mean men are. Gimme a Break!!! In this modern-day even the portfolio of men too expanded a lot in domestic front, in fact they are managing the domestic front better than most of the woman. So stop boasting or stop being a victim of these kind of campaigns where ONLY woman are glorified.Multitasking is a basic trait of every Gender.

Respect is earned, not demanded: You are your own Brand Ambassador:

Any Man or Woman does not get respect just like that. Respect cannot be demanded by protesting or demanding. First, a human should start respecting one own self. Realize the fact that one is ultimate leader of one’s own life. When a person behaves and works in one’s own natural self people start respecting the person immaterial of the gender, economic status or social status. We need to realize that one’s own self is ultimate brand ambassador for oneself. The world respects, behaves or perceives our opinions completely on the parameters of our branding and our brand ideas. In this process the way you behave, the way you dress, the way you talk definitely matters. Just protesting and having slut walks does not bring respect to Women 🙂


Once again, I wish all my the lovely women across the world a Happy Women’s Day. Dare to Dream and Strive to achieve 🙂

Here’s a lovely song dedicated to all of you :


Prasanna Rayaprolu