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Year 2012 Through My Eyes :)

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Image Courtesy Google

As I ponder about year 2012, it was one of amazing years of my life, I can give titles such as  ” Year of Opposites” , “Prasanna Rayaprolu Returns” to 2012. Not trying to boast about myself but if I could survive all the things and start life again with a bang am sure I am going to live rest of my life too in an amazing manner with God’s help,Family members support and all of the friends affection 🙂

My 2012 was “Year of Opposites”, in the first quarter I faced several problems in personal and professional front. In the last quarter, had an amazing time with respect to personal and professional fronts 🙂

Had an interesting year with respect to Trust and Mentoring. Regretted a lot for trusting a wrong person, felt cheated for choosing a wrong mentor. I thought I would never be able to trust any person again in life with respect to mentoring. However, God is magical. He gave me much more wonderful mentor in the last months of the year. Thankyou God for giving me another wonderful mentor and role model in life.

Had an interesting year with respect to spending time with family members. In the initial quarters of the year 2012, I had such a crazy time that I used to work for more than 15 hours and I used to cry secretly that I could not spend time with ailing mother. I used to feel ashamed for not being able to spend time with parents.  However, in the 2nd quarter of the year I got good quality time to spend with Mom and Dad. I really enjoyed the great break . In this break, I got time to all the things which i wanted to do for Mom and Dad. Spent awesome time cooking for them all the varieties they wanted to have, I had awesome time going for walks with them, chatting with them all the times. Even Mom and Dad pampered me to great extent because they felt I needed a good break. I treasure this particular time 🙂 If God wills a person can be madly busy and madly idle 😛

Had an interesting time with Me and for Me 🙂 . Sounds crazy but true. In the initial days of this year because of several issues my health got affected. My health did not improve for better because I did not get time for me. I thought I would never be back to normal crazy lively mode. I did stop thinking about my career plans too. However, right decision about my career in the right time had a good impact on me and my life 🙂 . I was in desperate need of a good break. Took a good break for 5 months. In that break, I did focus on my health, my fitness, my hobbies. I did learn piano for a while. Listened to various varieties of music. I did have a lovely time reading several books on various aspects. I did have a wonderful time travelling to wonderful places along with family members.

There were some days in the initial days of 2012 because of a bunch of people I was in confusion if my methods were wrong with respect to work, with respect to people, with respect to career. However my best friends and family members suggested me not to change anything about me. They asked me to be proud about my approach to all these. They showed trust in my abilities. In  the last months of 2012, I moved to a new city as I got a nice opportunity to work in a nice company. Its difficult to stay away from parents, however with their support and encouragement I did start my work again  and I am enjoying my work . I am happy that  my life is beautiful again without me changing anything about my approach to work, people and career 🙂 . I lost “myself ” “Me”in the initial days of 2012. However, in the last months I found “Me” “Myself” again. I feel nice meeting the old lively crazy enthusiastic me back into form. All I can say to myself is “Prasanna Rayaprolu Returns”.

Driving the point home, the year 2012 was crazy yet wonderful. I am never ashamed to share my flop stories and success stories with the World, I just want to tell and help other needy Friends, I just want to say to them “My dear Friend! Have Faith in God, Trust in yourself and Hope about your Life, you can start your life again anytime and can make your life story amazing as you desire 🙂

Am really looking forward for the year 2013. I am sure God has wonderful things in store for me and you :). Wishing all of You a wonderful year ahead 🙂

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Last but not least, I wish to post an abstract from a lovely email I received yesterday from an inspirational, lively wise man:

And then be conscious that life is more than work, and your personal journey is your most important endeavor  so let’s help each other on that. I found a good old Indian wisdom:

Success is more than progress, and happiness is more than being successful.

Happiness is not even a road, but a special ability to operate.

If you only knew, how little you need to become happy, you wouldn’t ever be restless.

A happy person is he who can make other people happy.


Bye for now..mean while I am just humming….

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turnin’ red
Cryin’s not for me
‘Cause I’m never gonna stop the rain by complainin’
Because I’m free
Nothin’s worryin’ me




Best Regards,

Prasanna Rayaprolu