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Granny In A Pub

Image Courtesy Google:
Image Courtesy Google:

I was always curious to know how a Pub looks like and how people party in a Pub. I missed several opportunities earlier, however this time I did not want to miss the “Golden Chance”. From the kind of family I come from, going to a pub is as adventurous as Felix Baumgartner’s Redbull Stratos Balloon Jump. However, my parents and Brothers knowing my COURAGE gave me the permission to do this COURAGEOUS ACT of going to Pub , to attend a party that too in the afternoon time of the day (Afternoon is the Keyword here). My Mother being My Mother suggested me to be careful and not drink this and that.. in-spite of knowing that my standards did not increase from masala buttermilk and orange juice.

My trouble started a day before itself. Just to ensure that people like me don’t  go to pub with traditional Kajeevaram Silk Sarees, we were instructed to wear SMART CLUB CASUALS. I was just with the expression “Ayyoooo Rama!!” . I did’nt know what these Club Casuals were..that too Smart Club Casuals. However, did’nt want the world to know about my “Ignorance on Smart Club Casuals”, I took the help of my lovely GOOGLE UNCLE. However, to my trauma, the search results scared me further. In the result I found several wonderful models with variety dresses, there was not even 0.00001% probability that I would buy those, because even in my craziest dreams I could never imagine myself in those attires.  However, I fixed this issue by wearing my regular jeans, my favorite top and scarf.

Finally, the day of party arrived. I reached the destination along with my friends. Each and every step of this mission sounded interesting. So, right before the pub, there were some hefty gentlemen, they were noting our details. With my prior googled and market research knowledge I was expecting the gentlemen to put some stamp on hand, however he tied a wrist band kind of stuff.

So with excitement, confusion, curiosity I entered the pub.Hmm!! I some how forgot that party at pub is not a religious ceremony where the guests will be received with sweet smile, where they will escorted to a right place.  Entering into the pub was like jumping into a swimming pool. People entering into the pub were not entering slowly like me, they were walking with some rhythm which I could not decipher. Body Language Matters a lot!!! If you are entering into a religious place, you need to have this body language of God fearing, Good Samaritan looks. If you entering into a class to take a lecture, you need to have this confident, graceful and cheerful attitude and body language. Silly me!!! While entering into the pub, had this body language of a Garlanded Goat in a procession which is about to be sacrificed for holy rituals. If you observe that goat, it will be confused and lost.

Lighting in the pub was also interesting. That lighting reminded me the climax hospital scene in Maniratnam’s movie Gharshana.  I was kinda surprised to the kinda volume of sound in the pub. At that point that I was thinking about my Dad. At home Dad, scolds me whenever I raise the volume of  Music Channel in TV. I thought what would be Dad saying for this kinda volume. Lots of our friends were already dancing there happily to the music. I was with the expression “OK!! This is the battlefield and these are all warriors”. Like a peaceful warrior I  skipped the place and went to upstairs.

There we did have the ammunition related to the battle. I was trying to act unnecessarily brave even though that much bravery was not necessary in that situation. Normal greetings were exchanged with the people there. Then finally time has arrived to reach the dance floor. In my family we never danced at home or any other functions…thats crazy but true..South Indian Brahmin families BAU activities and special project activities does not have DANCING in their SCOPE. So I never had an opportunity to dance. My friends started dancing and I did’nt even have an urge to dance . At that moment I felt like a Confused traditional Grandma in a Pub.

I somehow managed to stare at different people, things in the pub, people in the pub. Everything sounded different. I felt like an alien in a planet. I did’nt want to bother my friends & create a drama, as I myself was not sure what thoughts were going in mind at that time, so I silently came out of the pub.

I had a deep breath, slowly walked in the mall, went to a book shop. There people were not in a hurry, They were slowly, calmly browsing the books and I felt as if I returned to my planet. I bought Sense & Sensibility; Pride & Prejudice of Jane Austen. Browsed those books having a nice Coffee.  Mean while my friends were calling me to know where I was. I still don’t know what they might have thought when I said to them that I was reading a book & having coffee instead of attending the party 🙂 . I really loved the way they cared for me, in spite of being busy in the party.

One thing for sure, I realized that everyone does not belong to every place. Each person has their own lovely crazy world, they need not disturb their lovely world just to impress the people they care 🙂





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7 thoughts on “Granny In A Pub

  1. Hey Prasanna. Thats a lovely blog you have written. I really enjoyed every bit of it. You have created such a nice interest in it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Very well written… Going to a pub first time – be it men or women – is similar – you get lost and find it strange ….. it simply is very different from the world we have been accustomed to …

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