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Saare Jahan Se Achcha Hamara India : Happy Independence Day

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Happy Independence Day to my fellow Indians in India and across the world 🙂 . May be “The Change” we all are hoping for has already started in India.  I am sure taking a cue from the current incidents , we can hope that lots of positive changes are going to come in India in the coming years.

First of all a big Thank You to the wonderful Six Gems who brought medals to our country in this London 2012 Olympics. They just did not bring medals, they sure brought loads of hope to the youngsters of India. Am sure with their motivation young Indians are going to focus on sports and games in the coming years.

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Thanks to the  anti-corruption movements going on in India. These movements might not have brought immediate results. However, they created immense impact in the Indians and created lots of awareness. In the coming days and elections the impact created by these anti corruption movements are going to play important role in the Indian Politics. Common Man is definitely going to think more about the issues like corruption and basic amenities before voting to any contestant in the election. Wishing good luck to we the people of India, hope we get to choose much more capable and corruption free leaders in the coming years. Above all, hope people do not encourage corruption in any level in our country.

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 I am proud to be an Indian. Here is one of my favorite patriotic songs.

सारे जहाँ से अच्छा

सारे जहाँ से अच्छा हिन्दोस्तान हमारा
हम बुलबुले हैं इसकी ये गुलसिता हमारा ॥धृ॥

घुर्बत मे हो अगर हम रहता है दिल वतन मे
समझो वही हमे भी दिल है जहाँ हमारा ॥१॥

परबत वो सब से ऊंचा हमसाय आसमाँ का
वो संतरी हमारा वो पासबा हमारा ।२॥

गोदी मे खेलती है इसकी हजारो नदिया
गुलशन है जिनके दम से रश्क-ए-जना हमारा ।३॥

ए अब रौद गंगा वो दिन है याद तुझको
उतर तेरे किनारे जब कारवाँ हमारा ॥४॥

मज़हब नहीं सिखाता आपस मे बैर रखना
हिन्दी है हम वतन है हिन्दोस्तान हमारा ॥५॥

युनान-ओ-मिस्र-ओ-रोमा सब मिट गये जहाँ से
अब तक मगर है बाकी नाम-ओ-निशान हमारा ॥६॥

कुछ बात है की हस्ती मिटती नही हमारी
सदियो रहा है दुश्मन दौर-ए-जमान हमारा ॥७॥

इक़्बाल कोइ मेहरम अपना नही जहाँ मे
मालूम क्या किसी को दर्द-ए-निहा हमारा ॥८॥


Better than the entire world, is our Hindustan,
We are its nightingales, and it (is) our garden abode

If we are in an alien place, the heart remains in the homeland,
Know us to be only there where our heart is.

That tallest mountain, that shade-sharer of the sky,
It (is) our sentry, it (is) our watchman

In its lap frolic those thousands of rivers,
Whose vitality makes our garden the envy of Paradise.

O the flowing waters of the Ganges, do you remember that day
When our caravan first disembarked on your waterfront?

Religion does not teach us to bear ill-will among ourselves
We are of Hind, our homeland is Hindustan.

In a world in which ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome have all vanished without trace
Our own attributes (name and sign) live on today.

Such is our existence that it cannot be erased
Even though, for centuries, the cycle of time has been our enemy.

Iqbal! We have no confidant in this world
What does any one know of our hidden pain?

And one more video on Incredible India 🙂

Best Regards,

Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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