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Some of my favorite Songs From Telugu Cinema :)

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Some songs are soo beautiful…we would not mind revisiting them even after listening to them hundreds of times..Here are some of my favorite songs from recent Telugu Cinema. These songs are good in lyrics, tune and awesome visuals.

1) Ela Ela from Panjaa Movie: I am a great fan of these lyrics and this video.

2) Guruvaram March okati from Dookudu Movie: Lyrics are not that great, however I love the music and above all its a good song of Mahesh Babu 😉

3)Chali Chali ga from Mr. Perfect Movie: Neat Song with Sweet Lyrics and serene visuals.

4) Oh Priya Priya from Ishq Movie: Sweet Song…

5)Tanemando from Ganesh Movie: Lovely lyrics and visuals.

6)Nalonenena from Banam Movie: Awesome lyrics and amazing voice of Hemachandra. The visuals are good however wonder why there was no proper choreography for this song.

7)Avunana Kadana from Leader Movie: Love the lyrics and the video.

8)Nenu Nuvvantu from Orange Movie: Amazing lyrics and awesome video.

9)Aalochana Vasthene from Oh My Friend movie: Nice Lyrics and sweet video

10)Suride Suride from Brindavanam movie: Amazing video and good lyrics


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