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Yaariyaan and In My Place songs…

Yesterday I was listening to the song ” Na chhode yaariyaan” from the movie Cocktail. The song is good, upon lil bit of research I found that Pritam got immensely inspired 😉 from the song “In My Place ” by Cold Play…interestingly the theme of these two songs is similar…seems our Hindi Folks got inspired to that level that they felt like replicating the same mood and model in our cinema song too…whatever…both are good….we can sit and waste our time in Nostalgia listening to both the songs….

Here are the two songs with lyrics…:

Cold Play – In My Place:

Here are the lyrics:

In my place, in my place

Were lines that I couldn’t change

I was lost, oh yeah

I was lost, I was lost

Crossed lines I shouldn’t have crossed

I was lost, oh yeah

Yeah how long must you wait for it?

Yeah how long must you pay for it?

Yeah how long must you wait for it?

Oh for it

I was scared, I was scared

Tired and under prepared

But I wait for it

If you go, if you go

Leave me down here on my own

Then I’ll wait for you (yeah)

Yeah how long must you wait for it?

Yeah how long must you pay for it?

Yeah how long must you wait for it?

Oh for it

Sing it, please, please, please

Come back and sing to me, to me, me

Come on and sing it out, now, now

Come on and sing it out, to me, me

Come back and sing it

In my place, in my place

Were lines that I couldn’t change

And I was lost, oh yeah, oh yeah

Cocktail – Na chhode yaariyaan

Here are the lyrics with translation:

Alvida yaara alvida,

Ho rahe tumse hum judaa,

Le chale saare gum tere,

Khush rahe yaara tu sadaa..

(good bye my friend,

I am getting away from you,

I will take all your sorrows with me,

May you live happily, my friend..)

Tumse bhi zyada hongi,

Ab yaadein pyaariyaan

Hum dono ki hain

apni apni laachaariyaan,

Ab hanste hanste tumpe

le khushiyaan vaariyaan

(Even more than you

now your memories will be lovable to me,

We both have

our own problems,

Now happily, to you,

I sacrifice all my happiness.)

Marz bhi hain deti

Chain bhi hain deti

Dard bhi hain deti

Jaan bhi hain leti

(They give problems,

They give peace too,

They give pain too,

They take lives too)


Na chhode yaariyaan

Woh oh oh


Friendships never end..)

Ab jeene ko jaane ko, na koi raasta

Tanhaaiyon se hoga, ab dil ka vaasta

Hum khud hi khud ko, ab to kar denge lapataa

(There is no way to live, no way to go,

the heart will pass through loneliness now,

I will make myself go lost now..)

Maan le tu aise

Hain zara bholey se

Jaante hain waise

Hai nibhaani kaise

(Believe me

I am a bit innocent

But I know

how to manage)


woh oh ho

Na chhode yaariyaan..

Oh oh ho..


Friendships never end..)

Yaari yaari har koi karda ve

Yaari yaari har koi har koi

Karda ve karda ve karda

Yaari de bus jo peh jaave

Woh paglaa woh jhalla ve

(Everybody indulges in friendship,

Everybody indulges in friendship,

The one going for friendship

goes mad and stupid..)

Ab jeene ko jaane ko na koi raasta

Tanhaaiyon se hoga ab dil ka vaasta

Hum khudhi khud ko ab to kardenge laapata

Maan le tu aise

Hai zara bhole se

Jaante hain waise

Hai nibhaani kaise


Oh oh ho

Na chhode yaariyaan

Oh oh ho..

(Lyrics Courtesy: Bollymeaning website)

Hope you enjoyed listening to these two songs…


Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Some of my favorite Songs From Telugu Cinema :)

Image Courtesy Google

Some songs are soo beautiful…we would not mind revisiting them even after listening to them hundreds of times..Here are some of my favorite songs from recent Telugu Cinema. These songs are good in lyrics, tune and awesome visuals.

1) Ela Ela from Panjaa Movie: I am a great fan of these lyrics and this video.

2) Guruvaram March okati from Dookudu Movie: Lyrics are not that great, however I love the music and above all its a good song of Mahesh Babu 😉

3)Chali Chali ga from Mr. Perfect Movie: Neat Song with Sweet Lyrics and serene visuals.

4) Oh Priya Priya from Ishq Movie: Sweet Song…

5)Tanemando from Ganesh Movie: Lovely lyrics and visuals.

6)Nalonenena from Banam Movie: Awesome lyrics and amazing voice of Hemachandra. The visuals are good however wonder why there was no proper choreography for this song.

7)Avunana Kadana from Leader Movie: Love the lyrics and the video.

8)Nenu Nuvvantu from Orange Movie: Amazing lyrics and awesome video.

9)Aalochana Vasthene from Oh My Friend movie: Nice Lyrics and sweet video

10)Suride Suride from Brindavanam movie: Amazing video and good lyrics


Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Golden Girls of Hyderabad: Sania and Saina :)

Sania Mirza and Saina Nehwal

June second week in this year 2012 is a special week to India and that too Hyderabad.  The Golden Girls of Hyderabad : Sania Mirza and Saina Nehwal won their tournaments and brought medals to India.

Sania Mirza, an Indian Tennis Player won French Open mixed doubles along with Mahesh Bhupathi on June 7th,2012.

Saina Nehwal, an Indian Badminton Player won 2012 Thailand Open Grand Prix Gold on June 10th,2012.

Long Way to Go Girls!!! Wishing you good luck 🙂


Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Sar Utha Ke Jiyo….

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With exams on one side and scorching heat on the other side…..I did not feel like blogging for the last few days. Thanks to Sun God….even my grey cells got evaporated with the heat in Hyderabad. Whatever! With the news of Monsoon arrival in Kerala and with the hope of Monsoons at Hyderabad  my brain started working again. After so many days I feel like blogging  🙂

There are some phases in life when we get ample time to introspect and inspect our choices. Interestingly we enjoy or suffer in our life because of our choices. Its good when we enjoy our choices. Sometimes….sometimes…we need to suffer lil bit because of our choices. However! In those tough times…what really matters is trust in our abilities and beauty of our dreams. In such times of the journey, we need to have confidence in our self and respect our choices without any regret .

It’s not possible to move along with the crowd like a  aimless…goal less Sheep in a Herd. We should not go where the wind takes us. We need to be able to stand firmly in spite of the adverse conditions and reach the goal we plan…Oh…yeah!!! People do demotivate us by saying….why the hell are you not doing just like others….why do you want to risk…why do you want to experiment …..I have one answer to all these stupid suggestions and questions……”I have One life to make or break. So why not I MAKE IT WONDERFUL”

Here is an interesting song.. “Sar Utha Ke Chalenge Hum” song sung by Mohit Chauhan, lyrics penned by Swanand Kirkire, and music composed by Shantanu Moitra.


Prasanna Rayaprolu