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Knowledge Management and Social Media

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Knowledge Management is a creative and challenging field of work. Streamlining the Knowledge and sharing it through right channels in right format in the right time is one of the main aims of Knowledge Management. With the advent of Social Media, Knowledge Management has taken an interesting leap.

There are several advantages due to Social Media, however there is ample scope for confusion added to the knowledge repositories of the organizations. due to Social Media. Updating the Knowledge repositories  with the help of knowledge acquired due to Social Media and protecting the Knowledge base from unnecessary knowledge is an interesting challenge faced by most of the Knowledge Managers.

Change is good however getting carried away in the change is not good. Similarly, usage of Social media to update the knowledge is good, however there should be proper process to imbibe only necessary knowledge gained through social media.

As a part of my study related to the same subject, I got to see a wonderful video on the subject:Knowledge Management in the times of Social Media , Do check this informative lecture :

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