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Some thoughts about “Go Kiss the World” Book : Hang On!!! Power of Pain and Persistence!!!

Year 2011 was a lousy year for us at home. No year is good or bad, however each and every moment is not in our favor. However, when the time is continuously not in our favor and when we need to undergo the so called “tests of God” we tend to feel “Why me God? Why me always the chosen one”. What really matters in such situations is not just simply questioning God, we need to take ownership of the situation and then deal it. Yes it requires immense energy and persistence not to give up  and then to deal such situations.

In the year 2011, right from March to December my Mom was continuously attacked by one or the other ailment. For a healthy person like her sudden debacle in her health was a shock . Among all the ailments attack of Cerebral Palsy was a major blow to her. Then, we had no clue when she will recover , when she will be normal. She having normal diet , walking for few feet confidently was a major challenge for us. In such situation, she with her immense mental strength and determination made an effort to get her health back into track. She herself brought the situation back into track by working hard. She used to go to walking ground everyday with her tiny tiny steps. When she was trying to bring her health back into the track as if her examinations from God were not enough she fell down near temple one day and then broke her right hand in November. That was a limit for me!!!! I lost all the confidence!!!! I did not understand why was God so harsh to her. When she was trying so hard to build some confidence and move on in life….another blow on her health was not easy for her and for all of us. My Mom….did not give up. … in spite of her broken hand, she went to walking everyday nicely covering the bandage of her right hand with her good Cotton Saree borders. I never knew that my Mom has this level of persistence levels. By December ending she brought her health completely to the track. She is very much back into her Kingdom “Our Kitchen” 🙂 . Relatives and Friends who visited us last year and who visited us in this year observed this interesting recovery rate of my Mother. They are happy to see my Mom back to track. We all learnt somany things in life from Mom in the last year. The way she dealt with the tough times and pain , helped us in understanding the Power of Pain and Persistence!!!

In the “Grace Under Pressure” chapter of the book(Page No 40) “Go Kiss the World” Mr Subroto Bagchi discusses about this aspect of dealing “Pain”

There are inevitable times in every life when we all must step on a thorn. It is never a pleasurable feeling, it it not meant to be. In that moment of pain, more often than not, we are focussed not just on the pain itself but “Why me?” question.

In the larger scheme of things, that question is as irrelevant as the pain itself. All of us realize this sooner or later. What many of us do not comprehend, is the futility of carrying the baggage of that pain into our future.

As I step on the thorn, if I begin to blame the thorn, the pain has a tendency to linger; sometimes the pain expands as time passes, its memory holding centre stage, coloring how we view and feel about lives.

In life, we cannot avoid pain. What we can do is lean from the pain and move on.

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Go Kiss the World


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