Some Serene Songs of Radha and Krishna :)

Image Courtesy: Art of Krishna Page Facebook
Image Courtesy: Art of Krishna Page Facebook

In Indian mythology the serene love between Lord Krishna and Radha has a special place. Even today, we do refer to their love to compare the serenity in love. However, interesting aspect of Radha and Krishna is “Radha’s wait for Krishna”. This aspect has been a good subject for artists. There were several paintings, sculputures, poems and songs based on this concept. Indian Cinema is no exception from this.

I’m trying to collate songs based on this theme. What really interests me is in all these songs, writers potray serene love , immense sad feelings and the mental strength of Radha. Here are my two favorite songs. However, I will try to add songs to this list as I recollect them:

Yamuna Thatilo from Dalapathi Movie:

Here are the lyrics for this wonderful song:

Yamuna thatilo nallanayyakai

Eduru chusene raadha

Prema pongula pasidi vannele

vaadipoyenu kaada

Reyi gadichenu pagalu gadichenu

Madhavundu raalede

Raasa leelala raju raanide

Raaga bandhame lede

Yadu kumarude leni velalo

Vethalu ragilene raadha gundelo

Paapam raadhaa..

Bahu Manaratha from Memories in March movie:

Here are the lyrics for this song:

Bahu manorathe saaju avisaare pahlu suneel besh

Kajar nayaane salaaj bayane kusume sajanu kesh

Sakhi hum, mohan avisaare jaaon

Bolo hum, etath sukh kahan paaon

Jamunar pare, gahana aandhare, ghana nipaban maajhe

Piya setha more bedana katare mohe laagi baithi aache

Sakhi hum, mohan avisaare jaaon

Bolo hum, etath sukh kahan paaon

Sakhi chira abhagini hum

Baithe ekakini pohanu rajani tobu naa aailo shyam

Sakhi chira abhagini hum

Krishna kajal pighal sajal nayaner nir dhare

Eka khina patha britha manaratha bifala avisaare

Sakhi hum, kabhu naa avisaare jaaon

Dukh laaj etath sah nahi paahon

Britha manorathe saaju avisaare pahlu suneel besh

Kajar nayaane salaaj bayane kusume sajanu kesh

Fir aaj yun, mohan avisaare jaaon

Sakhi bol etath dukh kahan paaon

(Lyrics Courtesy:!/2011/04/bahu-manarathe.html

Please check the above mentioned blog for translation of this song)

and here is flute version of the song, could not find any online video for the song so tried to present the song in the form of a video, please excuse me for my poor video skills:

Hope you enjoyed listenting to these songs. Please do share with me the songs on the same theme with me. Would love to collate songs from different languages based on the same theme 🙂

Best Regards,

Prasanna Rayaprolu


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Reshma says:

    Dear Prasanna,
    I had once see a bharathanatyam rectital which had an abhinaya piece on Radha. The song described how longingly Radha was waiting for Krishna while her family had made arragements for her marriage with Aryan. It described Radha strength whereby she was trying to hide her sadness that she could not be her Krishna’s anymore. But still her mind was longing to run to his arms.

    Would you know which song this is ? If so could you please share the same.

    1. Shipra says:

      Even i would love to know which song is it, tat Reshma is asking for!! Thank you!!

      1. It is from Memories from March movie 🙂

  2. Krishna R M says:

    One more such song is from Kannada movie “Paris Pranaya” Song: Krishna nee begane baaro…!

  3. Krishna R M says:

    Can you provide link to mp3 version of Flute version above..?


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