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Some thoughts about “Go Kiss the World” Book : How Transfers Help you :)

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Transfers from one place to other help us a lot. As a part of Dad’s work  we used to get transferred from one place to other for every three years.During my Dad’s transfers from my L.K.G to P.G  I got to study in various schools and Colleges in Various cities and towns.

Every time, we got transferred from one place to other it was a challenge for us to get used to new place, new climate, new people, new culture. However, we used to enjoy transfers. Dealing with transfers helped/helps my brothers and me a lot in our life. We developed the capability to adapt to the “Changes” in life;  We make friends easily; We  share our ideas well by expressing in a proper manner, we tried to develop our communication skills because of transfers; We developed interests in various languages, religions, cultures, people, music,history, books and food; We learnt how important is “Tolerance” in life.

There is some inherent magic and immense learning involved in transfers.This happens almost with everyone who are used to transfers. When you are used to transfers,you are empowered with the capability to start life again and again with optimism in-spite of several setbacks. I am not trying to glorify “transfers” however am just trying to share the advantages of transfers 😉 . My brothers and me always thank Dad for helping us shape our personality with the help of transfers.

Next time, if at all you get an opportunity for transfer, don’t hesitate to move. Believe me, transfers are going to help 🙂

Interestingly, got to read about the advantages of transfers in the chapter “Displacement and Process” of this lovely book “Go Kiss the World”. Here are some of the thoughts of Mr.Bagchi about Transfers (Page No 20: Go Kiss the world book):

When you are continuously displaced, you make friends easily.  You have low expectations from the unfamiliar; hence you are more pleasantly surprised than frustrated when faced with life’s many ups and downs.

You explore everything around you, develop curiosity-new lands, customs, food and ways of doing things begin to draw you in.

You learn to survive on the strength of who you are, just for this day, today.

You build ingenuity in order to survive.

You trust strangers and, hence, strangers trust you.

You build intuitive capability to sniff trouble- which can tell you when to leave a bar!

You become and interesting person, because you have lots of stories to tell.

Finally, you learn to move on.

Am sure you too might be interested to know more about the author Subroto Bagchi 🙂 . Do check his blog :

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. By the way, this is my 250th post and I dedicate this post to my Mom, Dad and My Brothers 🙂

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