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Knowledge Management and Social Media

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Knowledge Management is a creative and challenging field of work. Streamlining the Knowledge and sharing it through right channels in right format in the right time is one of the main aims of Knowledge Management. With the advent of Social Media, Knowledge Management has taken an interesting leap.

There are several advantages due to Social Media, however there is ample scope for confusion added to the knowledge repositories of the organizations. due to Social Media. Updating the Knowledge repositories  with the help of knowledge acquired due to Social Media and protecting the Knowledge base from unnecessary knowledge is an interesting challenge faced by most of the Knowledge Managers.

Change is good however getting carried away in the change is not good. Similarly, usage of Social media to update the knowledge is good, however there should be proper process to imbibe only necessary knowledge gained through social media.

As a part of my study related to the same subject, I got to see a wonderful video on the subject:Knowledge Management in the times of Social Media , Do check this informative lecture :

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Some thoughts about “Go Kiss the World” Book : Power of Mentoring :)

Often, people think that being eldest child has a privilege. Nope!!! Being the youngest child of the family is a  privilege. And having siblings who are much much elder than you is much more special privilege; apart from loads of pampering, love and affection by your siblings, the ultimate advantage you receive is “Mentoring”.

If we can observe, a person who happens to be a youngest child in the family with elder siblings of huge age gap, tends to be more mature than people of their age(Ofcourse there are exceptions like me :P). This maturity in thought process is just because of elder siblings.

Elder siblings knowingly or unknowingly mentor their younger sibling. In this process of helping their younger siblings they become mentors to these younger ones. These younger kids of the family initially start with “Copy mode” of their elder siblings because they just fall in love with the abilities, style, mannerisms, methods of their siblings. Basically the youngest one feels his/her elder siblings are Heroes of their life. Later on, when these younger ones get an opportunity to mentor they tend to become good mentors.

I am posting these thoughts out of my experience. My brothers are my best friends,  my angels and of course my MENTORS. They being 9 and 7 elders to me have an immense influence on me right from childhood. For me they are the super heroes and source of inspiration. I am immensely influenced by my brother’s way of writing, studying, cooking, hobbies and approach towards life. As I have two brothers as my mentors, I have the choice of picking best practices from my brothers and then customize them according to my needs and necessities. Whatever am I today is because of my brothers. They encourage me to be independent, develop interest in different things in life,  live life to the fullest extent and last but not least they always feed the “Optimism” potion to me whenever I feel stressed.

 I did start enjoying the beauty of mentoring right from the time I started teaching  Physics to students in our colony. I started feeling happy when my student friends understood the beauty of the subject because of my help. These interesting teaching experiences helped me to become Physics Lecturer at College. Even at college, I understood the beauty of experiments of Physics, dealing various mindset people while teaching to my students. This mentoring helps me now in my job. Above all, when we mentor someone we receive some mental satisfaction and we feel happy.

Driving the point home, getting a right mentor is a boon at the same time getting an opportunity to mentor is much more bigger boon.So, don’t ever miss such opportunities 🙂

Last but not least, never underestimate the power of inhouse mentors who are in the form of parents, siblings and cousins. Thats the power of mentoring !!!!

Mr.Subroto Bagchi

Here are some interesting thoughts of Mr. Bagchi on Mentoring  and about his primary mentors his brothers:

“As my mentor, Dadamoni had a Pygmalion effect in shaping my personality and my destiny.

Learning gives us knowledge but it is good mentoring that gives us the ability to relate it to the real world; it helps us learn life skills and moulds our attitude.

The self- confidence that mentoring can generate is huge.

The principles of mentoring a child and a budding professional are not different.

It all begins with the magical sensation of someone reaching  out and whispering into your ears, ‘Yes, you can!’ This is when dreams are created, and bridges built, to reach beyond the realm of the possible.

I learnt the importance of  ambition and achievement from Dadamoni; from Amitav,  I learnt that our achievements are only as good as the value they create for others……. in the larger context of life and living, the line between what is mine and what isn’t is just another porous continuum. In it, the gaps, the empty spaces that make the line porous, are the reality. These intermittently laid lines are just our perception, they are drawn by a mind that is not fully awake to the deeply interconnceted nature of things.

All professional growth must finally take us to that point of realization because quantum achievement follows a state of awareness in which the concept of mine and thine ceases to exist”.

Check this lovely video of Anoushka Shankar and her father and her mentor Pandit Ravishankar ji :

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Go Kiss the World


Prasanna Rayaprolu

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gumm summ gumm …gumm summ ho kyun tum…

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Whenever you feel down, alone or unable to face a situation that you are in right now, let me tell you, that it’s totally fine. It is okay not to be okay all the time. It is okay to be on the ground, to cry and to hate everything. But it is only okay as long as you get back up again. Take your time to get all of your emotions out, but always keep in mind that the moment you’re in won’t last forever. Just don’t give up. Life isn’t about being strong all the time, but about the ability to become strong again after a defeat or bad experience. It’s about not losing hope in life and first and foremost – in yourself. So, don’t give up. Life is worth to be lived.(Courtesy:FB Page )

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Bliss of Music : Hope You Did’nt Miss These Wonderful Tracks…

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Shishurvetti pashurvetti vetti vetti gAnarasaM phaNiH

Above verse in Sanskrit means : The essence of music can be experienced by all creatures – from a child to an animal to a snake. In other words, music has the power to touch, reform and influence the entire creation. 

Today, I am posting some of serene South Indian instrumental fusion/film/album music.

1)How to name it:  This is a divine composition. I feel, we undergo several emotions while listening to this song. Some serene happiness comes to us while listenting to this composition 🙂

Some more info about the album: How to Name It? (1986) is an instrumental Indian-Western fusion album by Shri Ilaiyaraaja. This was Ilayaraaja’s first fusion music album. The album has musical movements that are dedicated to Tyagaraja, a religious musician and composer of South India (1767-1847) and the Western Classical music composer, J. S. Bach (1685-1750) of Germany.

One of the tracks is based on Preludium in E by Johann Sebastian Bach.(Source wikipedia)

And we had a talk from “How to Name it” by Shri Ilayaraja: 

Study for Violin-How to Name it by Shri Ilayaraja:

Mad Mod Mood Fugue – How to Name it by Shri Ilayaraja:

Is it Fixed – How to Name it by Shri Ilayaraja:

Chamber Welcomes Thyagaraja-How to Name it by Shri Ilayaraja:

I Met Bach At My House – How to Name it by Shri Ilayaraja:

Do Anything-How to Name it by Shri Ilayaraja:

Dont compare-how to name it by Shri Ilayaraja:

2)Sangathil paadatha or Thumbi vaa or aakasham or gumsum gumsum instrumental by Shri Ilayaraja: Shri Ilayaraja is Maestro of Indian Music. We are really luck to be born in the time when he composed music. Check this version of Thumbi vaa song. (Check this on youtube)

3)SONG OF SOUL from the album NOTHING BUT WIND by Shri Ilayaraja: In this particular composition the Flute Recitation by Hariprasad Chaurasia adds much more magic to Shri Ilayaraja’s composition.

4)Flight of The Humble Bee:  Dr. Lakshminarayana Subramaniam is an acclaimed Indian violinist, composer and conductor, trained in the classical Carnatic music tradition and Western classical music, and renowned for his virtuoso playing techniques and compositions in orchestral fusion.(Source: wikipedia)

Check this amazing “Flight of the Humble Bee”. In this performance, Hubert Laws’s flute was equally amazing as L.Subramanian’s Violin 🙂

5)L.Subramaniam – Harmony of the Hearts:

6)”Raga’s Dance” by A.R. Rahman: A.R.Rahman needs no introduction however thought of posting one of rare master pieces of his albums. 

7)Uyire Uyire By Rajesh Vaidya: Rajhesh Vaidhya , is an Indian veena player hailing from Tamil Nadu. Besides performing on stage, he has worked with various film music composers. Vaidhya was a winner of the 2010 Kalaimamani award for his veena playing.(Source wikipedia)

There is some magic in Shri Rajesh Vaidya’s Veena. We become addictive to his music. Check this veena version of Uyire Uyire Song  from Bombay film…this instrumental version very serene 🙂

8)Narumugaiye Narumugaiye by Rajesh Vaidhya on Veena: Iruvar movie by Maniratnam is an epic. This song from this movie is feast to eyes and ears 🙂 . Rajesh Vaidhya recreated the same magic through his Veena. Check the same:

9)Kanmani Anbodu by Rajesh Vaidhya: Guna is one of the good cinemas of Kamal Hassan. The first thing we remember when we talk about Guna is “Kanmani Anbodu” song. Music is serene and lyrics are divine. It is one among the best collection of South Indian Love Songs. Serenity of the love is depicted through the music, lyrics and the act. Same film was dubbed in Telugu as Guna and the song is known as Priyatama Neevachata Kusalama. This is one of my all time favorite songs I love the tune and lyrics.

Rajesh Vaidhya performed the same magical song in much more serene manner on his Veena. Check this:

PS: Check this amazing music bit of “Priyatama Neevachata kusalama” song from the upcoming movie “Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu”

10)Nila Kaigirathu – A violin cover by Karthick Iyer: No words to describe this amazing version of Karthick Iyer.

Hope all of you enjoyed listening to these wonderful songs.

Best Regards,

Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Some thoughts about “Go Kiss the World” Book : Hang On!!! Power of Pain and Persistence!!!

Year 2011 was a lousy year for us at home. No year is good or bad, however each and every moment is not in our favor. However, when the time is continuously not in our favor and when we need to undergo the so called “tests of God” we tend to feel “Why me God? Why me always the chosen one”. What really matters in such situations is not just simply questioning God, we need to take ownership of the situation and then deal it. Yes it requires immense energy and persistence not to give up  and then to deal such situations.

In the year 2011, right from March to December my Mom was continuously attacked by one or the other ailment. For a healthy person like her sudden debacle in her health was a shock . Among all the ailments attack of Cerebral Palsy was a major blow to her. Then, we had no clue when she will recover , when she will be normal. She having normal diet , walking for few feet confidently was a major challenge for us. In such situation, she with her immense mental strength and determination made an effort to get her health back into track. She herself brought the situation back into track by working hard. She used to go to walking ground everyday with her tiny tiny steps. When she was trying to bring her health back into the track as if her examinations from God were not enough she fell down near temple one day and then broke her right hand in November. That was a limit for me!!!! I lost all the confidence!!!! I did not understand why was God so harsh to her. When she was trying so hard to build some confidence and move on in life….another blow on her health was not easy for her and for all of us. My Mom….did not give up. … in spite of her broken hand, she went to walking everyday nicely covering the bandage of her right hand with her good Cotton Saree borders. I never knew that my Mom has this level of persistence levels. By December ending she brought her health completely to the track. She is very much back into her Kingdom “Our Kitchen” 🙂 . Relatives and Friends who visited us last year and who visited us in this year observed this interesting recovery rate of my Mother. They are happy to see my Mom back to track. We all learnt somany things in life from Mom in the last year. The way she dealt with the tough times and pain , helped us in understanding the Power of Pain and Persistence!!!

In the “Grace Under Pressure” chapter of the book(Page No 40) “Go Kiss the World” Mr Subroto Bagchi discusses about this aspect of dealing “Pain”

There are inevitable times in every life when we all must step on a thorn. It is never a pleasurable feeling, it it not meant to be. In that moment of pain, more often than not, we are focussed not just on the pain itself but “Why me?” question.

In the larger scheme of things, that question is as irrelevant as the pain itself. All of us realize this sooner or later. What many of us do not comprehend, is the futility of carrying the baggage of that pain into our future.

As I step on the thorn, if I begin to blame the thorn, the pain has a tendency to linger; sometimes the pain expands as time passes, its memory holding centre stage, coloring how we view and feel about lives.

In life, we cannot avoid pain. What we can do is lean from the pain and move on.

Do check this wonderful song from Dosti movie:

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Go Kiss the World


Prasanna Rayaprolu