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RIP our Gulmohar tree

Our Gulmohar Tree

RIP our Gulmohar tree ……She was ~ 20 years old. She was my best friend from past 12 years…..shared with her so many of my success stories, failures and so many secrets…..she was the beauty of our house….our house lost its beauty now without our Gulmohar….

Here are some of the pictures of our Gulmohar….

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– Prasanna



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

One thought on “RIP our Gulmohar tree

  1. You said “RIP was my best friend…” Is the tree no more. Gulmohar trees are my favorite trees. As I boy I broke a young gulmohar tree climbing a branch I shouldn’t have. The gardener bandaged it back together with coconut husk and mud and rope and now the tree has two trunks. It is huge and towers over the house. That was almost fifty years ago. Robbie-baba
    in Minnesota

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