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Go Kiss the World!!!

My copy of Go Kiss the world book ūüôā

About this book:

This book is autobiography of Mr.Subroto Bagchi¬†. Mr. Bagchi is Co-founder of¬†MindTree. So, we may wonder what’s the meaning of the title of the book.¬†‚ÄėGo, kiss the world‚Äô¬†were the last words of Mr.¬†Subroto Bagchi‚Äôs blind mother to him. Subsequently, these words became guiding principle to Mr.Bagchi.

Why this particular copy of this book is special to me:

Usually I¬†don’t¬†scan the books to a greater extent¬†before buying . However, I thought of gifting a good and decent book for an esteemed person . So, I have done great research and finally chose this book.

I did not want to pick up any book which has normal routine stuff ¬†where they speak about all the problems, their heroic stories related to work and life and ¬†in the end like any other book they give credit to their life partner or lover for the success in life …just like any other hollywood or bollywood movie. I was searching for a book where a person speaks about his/her LOVE towards LIFE, LOVE towards GOALS and LOVE towards DREAMS. I was searching something inspirational, similar to Jack Welch’s Straight from the gut¬†. If we can recollect Jack Welch’s book we recollect that he constantly refers to his upbringing, his Mother, his Father and the importance of vision, dreams and goals. Jack Welch, thanks his Mother constantly throughout the book for the discipline he has in his life.

Bang!!!!! When my eyes were seriously scanning the shelves of Odyssey Shop, I got to see this wonderful book. This is life story of Mr Subroto Bagchi. This particular book starts and ends with reference towards his Mother, refers to his passion towards life, his persistence in achieving goals, his never ending love towards learning and his  desire to help fellow human beings through entrepreneurship. I did not waste a single second and bought this book immediately after scanning it thoroughly.

Some of the aspects related to the book that made me fall in love with book :

  • Immense love towards Mother and Respect towards Father.
  • Special bonding with Brothers who are very much elder in age.
  • Advantages of being youngest child in the family.
  • Lots of passion towards learning.
  • Never give up mentality.
  • Tweaking goals and working on them¬†inspite¬†of failures.
  • Burning desire to do something useful to the society and the people .

After scanning the book to this extent, I did not feel like gifting this book. I felt this book was written by Mr. Bagchi only for people like me.  Interestingly, I could never gift this book to the person for some strange reasons. It was in my office desk for somany days.  I forgot about this book for few months.

In this March, on my final day at work I bought the book back to home. I started reading this book so religiously and made note of all the important concepts . In this particular phase of my life in which I could dare to take sabbatical from work to streamline my goals of life, to study and to learn whatever I wanted to in life; the phase in which I just followed my heart not bothering about the normal standards of fame,name, money principle, I got to read this particular book. That’s destiny ūüôā

May be this book was meant for me, it was meant to help me to streamline all my goals in a proper manner in this particular phase of life…¬†that’s¬†the reason the book never reached the person I¬†originally¬†intended¬†to gift this book to ūüôā

Every book in our home library has a special story and this is the story about this book. In the coming posts, I will present the concepts discussed in this book “Go Kiss the world” ¬†with some examples.

Till then take care and bye. Don’t forget to listen to this wonderful music:

Warm Regards,

Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Et tu, Prasanna?

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Some time back, I was seriously discussing about daily serials with a¬†young, chirpy colleague¬†of mine… friends just came to my desk and screamed at me ” Et tu Prasanna?”. They¬†thought that I do not watch¬† regular soaps¬†…they were in a myth that I¬† always watch only intelligent, useful stuff¬† like …programs related to¬†rockets and missiles in Discovery, Animals and Forrest in Nat Geo,¬†South American¬†civilization in History or the adventurous, lively¬†programs of Barkha Dutt¬†. They were depressed knowing the fact that I watch several Hindi, Telugu daily serials. They were much more depressed knowing about the Android App that I use to watch the daily serials. Poor guys!!! The never knew that I use my Time management skills in watching serials in the limited time I have during my commute to office.Our discussion continued for a while and we discussed about good old serials and their title songs.

Here are some of my all time favorite Indian TV serial title songs….

1)Malgudi Days: There is some magic in Malgudi…even today I have a secret wish to visit this¬†fictitious¬†place…I feel happy¬†listening¬†to this title song…

2)Tipu Sultan : Never used to miss this serial, though I could not understand the serial, I used to watch it and used to ask my brothers the¬†essence¬†of the episode ūüôā

3)Surabhi – Theme Song: As if watching Surabhi were our prime duty, we used to eagerly wait for this program and used to feel happy right from the staring of the theme song itself.

4)Jungle Book : For some strange reasons, I am not that great fan of cartoons, however this is one of my favorites.

5)Tehkikaat: I was really mad about this series. Used to finish homework and get ready for this serial. Used to feel scared watching some series, however used to muster courage to watch the episodes ūüėõ

6) Vikram Aur Betal : Hmm…miss those lovely days….am a big fan of this would not mind reading them even today or watching them through serials or film..

7)Mahabharat : Watching Mahabharat was a¬†compulsory¬†duty ūüėõ . I used to get confused with the story line, used to bug my brothers about the doubts..mainly on whose father is who and whose child is who and how many..who is whose mother…total confusion Boss!!!

8) Ramayan: I still remember….I used to watch this serial in my LKG. We were in Godavarikhani and so many people used to come to our home to watch this serial. I am a big fan of Arun, Deepika.

9)Chanakya: To be frank, this was the serial I used to watch in my childhood so religiously but the tragedy was then I could’nt understand the logic and dialogues….however used to bug my brothers and used to understand the summary.

10)Ruthu Raagalu: This was the first daily serial in Telugu. Comparison of emotions to the seasons is amazing!!! I was in my 7th standard when this serial started and this continued up to my 10th standard ;).

11)Chitti : Telugu version of this serial “Chitti” is “Pinni”. Was a great fan of this serial(God Knows!!! Why?). Tamil version was much ahead of Telugu version, so to stay “ahead” of times, I learnt Tamil and used to watch this serial. Even i used to interpret the story as per my “understanding”¬†of my Tamil¬†to my Grandma and Mom.¬† If I ¬†had put this effort in my IIT entrance examination…I might have cleared IIT JEE and might have studied in IIT Madras itself…¬†¬†Whatever….thanks to this serial for the love and interest I developed towards Tamil language.

12)Jassi jaissi koi nahin: Never missed any episode of this serial in the initial years of the serial….was always a fan of Mona and Apurva Agnihotri.

and heights of craziness …I was a big fan of this song….

13)Left right left: Was a great fan of this serial because of Rajeev Khandelwal and others….

14)Bade Ache Lagte hai: Could relate to the initial episodes of this serial ¬†so used to watch this serial regularly ūüôā . Love this version of the song by Shreya ūüôā

15)¬†Kuch Toh Log Kahenge : Me being a big fan of Mohnish Behl used to watch this serial, never missed an episode when he was in the serial. He is such a classy actor ūüôā . I love this title song.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog post ūüôā

Warm Regards,

Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Der lagi toh kya….still Go and Kiss the World ;)

Finally I could dare to take a sabbatical from work…from the past one week am enjoying each and every moment of this break….my heart tells me “Der lagi toh kya….still Go and Kiss the World ;)” ….may be this particular phase of life where I feel I have “Nothing to Prove to Anyone” is called Happyness……

As a first step….I did not miss spending time in the Nilagiri Hills….Mother Nature has some magic….I am not trying to be filmy or dramatic…felt happy walking on green grass early morning in coool weather without slippers…..felt happy plucking leaves, picking dried leaves, small & dry branches in pine forests, among huge huge eucalyptus trees….could not stop crying with joy watching colorful flowers…..its a magic…throwing all the work, study, worry about today or tomorrow aside….I did have a good time at forests and hills…..

I am so happy that finally NOW i can¬†leisurely¬†learn carnatic music on Veena, Focus on Gardening, Read and re read all good new and good old books, cook all favorite foods of parents & mine….learn yoga…..I can’t believe that I am doing all these already….Thankyou God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Movie: Zindagi na Milegi Dobara
Composer: Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

Der lagi lekin maine ab hai jeena seekh liya
Jaise bhi ho’n din maine ab hai jeena seekh liya
Ab maine ye jaana hai, khushi hai kya, gham kya..
Dono hi, do pal ki hai ruttein
Na yeh thehre na rukein
Zindagi do rangon se bane
Ab roothe, ab mane
Yehi toh hai, yehi toh hai, yahaan

It took time, but I learnt to live,
however be the days, I have learnt to live,
now I have known this, what’s happiness and what’s sorrow
both are weathers of two moments
neither they wait nor stay
life gets made of two colors,
now angry, now placated,
this, this is here..

Der lagi lekin maine ab hai jeena seekh liya
Aansuon ke bin maine ab hai jeena seekh liya
Ab maine, Yeh jaana hai kise kahoon apna
Hai koi, jo yeh mujh se keh gaya
Yeh kahaan tu reh gaya
Zindagi toh hai jaise kaarvan
Tu hai tanha kab yahaan
Sabhi toh hai, sabhi toh hai yahaan

It took time, but I learnt to live,
Without tears, I have learnt to live
Now I have known whom to call mine
there is someone, who has told me
where have you been left,
life is like a convoy,
when are you alone here (you never are)
everything, everything is here..

Koi sunaaye jo hansti muskurati kahani
Kehta hai dil, main bhi sunoon,
Aansoo mein moti ho jo kisi ke nishani
Kehta hai dil, main bhi chunoon
Baahein dil ki ho baahon mein hi, chalta
chalun yunhi raahon mein
Bus yunhi, ab yahaan, ab wahaan

when someone tells a happy, cheerful story,
my heart says, I’d listen too,
If there are pearls in tears, someone’s souvenir,
my heart says, I’d pick too..
I should be embracing my love only,
I should be walking just like that in the paths,
just like that.. now here, now there…


Warm Regards,

Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Happy Women’s Day :)

Happy Women’s Day to all the Women ūüôā

Here is a wonderful song from the movie Kahaani

Chup rehkar bhi yeh

Sab kuch kehti hai

Sab kuch kehkar bhi

Chup hi rehti hai

Kabhi aankhon se karke ishaara

Kabhi baahon ka deke sahara

Mera inn raahon se hai rishta koi

Anjaana sa purana kissa koi

Inse jo poocho toh kahengi, yeh meri kahaani


Taxi ke bhawre hai gaa rahe

Kitni zameenay hai yeh jaa rahe

Manzil kahan hai, na kisi ko hai pata

Tran ki ghanti ishaaron mein

Kisse kisi ke chupa rahi hai

Dil se suno toh

Yeh sab kuch meri bata

Mera inn raahon se hai rishta koi

Anjaana sa purana kissa koi

Inse jo poocho toh kahengi, yeh meri kahaani


Sadkon par iski, sapne chalte hai

Sau kho jaate hai, do sach bante hai

Yehi raahein, kabhi zanjeerein

Kabhi haathon ki yeh lakeerien

Mera inn raahon se hai rishta koi (rishta koi)

Anjaana sa purana kissa koi (kissa)

Inse jo poocho toh kahengi, yeh meri kahaani

Warm Regards,

Prasanna Rayaprolu 

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RIP our Gulmohar tree

Our Gulmohar Tree

RIP our Gulmohar¬†tree ……She was ~ 20 years old. She was my best friend from past 12 years…..shared with her so many¬†of my success stories, failures and so many¬†secrets…..she was the beauty of our house….our house lost its beauty now without our Gulmohar….

Here are some of the pictures¬†of our Gulmohar….

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– Prasanna