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These people are my Heroes…..Because THEY NEVER GAVE UP!!!

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Each and every person is  a Hero of one’s own life. We have no choice except to fight the battles of life and lead the life with grace in a successful manner as much as possible. However, there are few days on which we tend to feel weak and we think that  we cannot fight anymore . On such days , we don’t find any sense in fighting the life  anymore. We may even feel that we have had fought enough and we don’t have anymore strength left. In such situations, it is wise to look at others and see how they are dealing their lives. In this search for the purpose and beauty of life, we do find the stories and lives of some people interesting.

Here are some of the people who inspire me….they never gave up in spite of failing several times. They did have patience to accept the failures and explore the life with courage and persistence.

1)Mahatma Gandhi:

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Here is one of famous speeches of Mahatma:

2) Mr.Abraham Lincoln:

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A good video on Abe Lincoln:

3)Mrs.Indira Gandhi

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Do check my post ” Remembering Mrs Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi On Her 25th Death Anniversary”

Here is an interesting documentary on Mrs Gandhi:

4)Mr. Steve Jobs:

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Do check my post on Steve Jobs: Steve Jobs : An Epitome Of Creativity and Persistence:

And this speech of Steve Jobs is more than any religious scripture to me :

5)Sri Amitabh Bachchan :

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A quick recap of Big B’s life:

6)Ms.Mamata Banarjee:

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Mamata Banarjee is my inspiration from my 6th standard. Then, I was very curious to know who she is, why she fights often on several issues even with her own party leaders, above all I used to wonder what gives her strength to fight with such old, experienced Male leaders of her party and Communist Party.  My brothers helped me understand several news, articles written about her in THE HINDU News Paper and India Today Weekly Magazine.  I loved the way she used to question the administrators about the issues  without any FEAR. Firebrand Mamata Banarjee is my HERO from my childhood. I derive inspiration from Didi. There is no change in the lifestyle or dressing of Mamata Di in all these years…she is a simple person with loads of courage and mental strength. Everytime I see her picture or video…I remember below Sanskrit Verse:

shrotram shrutenaiva na kuNdalena danena paaNirna tu kankaNena |
viBhati kaayah karuNaaparaaNaam paropakaarairna tu chandanena ||
(Meaning:The ears of an honest and good person (sajjana) are embellished better by listening to moral discourse; not by wearing fancy earrings. Doing charity suits the hand more than wearing a bracelet. Likewise, rendering service to others suits the saintly person better than smearing the body with sandalwood paste. )(Poem Courtesy:

Documentary on Didi:

7)Ms.Vidya Balan:

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Vidya Balan is always an inspiration to me…I love the way she believes in herself and pursues her dreams with grace and dignity….She inspires people in understanding how one can achieve wonders just by “BEING YOURSELF” in this Dirty world where each day is a challenge …when one  tries to  be one own self. She is definitely a youth icon.
Here is a video about Vidya’s journey of life :
Do check my video ” Ninnu Kori Varnam”  Sung by Amogha Band  🙂
Best Regards,
Prasanna Rayaprolu


A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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