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Good Bye 2011, Welcome 2012 :)

Sunset @ TankBund, Hussainsagar Lake, Hyderabad 🙂

I cannot say 2011 is a bad year, however 2011 is not kind enough to me….2011 taught me several tough lessons of life in very very tough manner. Right from March 2nd  of 2011 (March 10th being the worst day of the year) all of us had a horrible time at home because of Mom’s ill health. Till December last week, Mom was attacked by one illness after the other. However , with blessings of God, treatment of Good Doctors, love and affection of relatives and family friends Mom did not lose hope on life. Yes, there was no single day from March to December on which we did not cry secretly. Each one in the family tried to boost confidence in Mom in spite of we ourself being shattered by the things happening to her. Yes, there were dirty days when the confidence we fed to Mom was shattered by some silly visitors by their stupid suggestions, stupid case stories and flop stories.  Yeah…illness of our loved ones brings some more “offers” “unnecessary add-on packs” such as frustration, helplessness, hopelessness …sometimes we forget about ourselves…we forget what age are we…what month of year it is…what festival it is….however…in this act of portraying all izz well sometimes…had to celebrate some events with much more borrowed enthusiasm… etc etc In this tough period, whatever time was spent outside home from parents during any weekends or holidays, was just a pretext needed to cry leisurely.

As if, these things were not enough had a good roller coaster time at office too. Yeah!!!! It was part of my learning. Always I keep on saying “I love challenges!!! Because challenges help me learn more and do more….I hate being in comfort zone”. Seems God took my words seriously and he gave me ample chance to face the challenges …..I did face the challenges and feels good dealing all those challenges successfully with the help of my mentors and friends at work place 🙂 Oh..yeah….did make an effort to add some more certifications …had good learning experience certifying for and implementing ideas related to Six Sigma, Traditional and Agile Project Management and Total Quality Management.

Yeah…silly me…even in this hectic schedules at home and work I never missed posting on facebook or writing some silly post in this blog of mine 🙂 . How can I miss this updates. Afterall…writing a blog post is like switching on “Exhaust Fan” in the kitchen…it helps me drain all the unnecessary stress levels in me 😛 .

Yeah…this year helped me revive my cooking skills…high level grass varieties in vegan food…food that does not consume  oil, salt, mirchi and sugar( hmmm..what to do …necessity is mother of invention).

The Famous chandeliers @ Chowmahalla Palace from my camera 🙂

However, Mom recovered well by mid December. We all at home realized that we are missing life in our life. Luckily we had good holidays in the year-end. My Brother, Bhabi ,nephews , me had a nice time in this Christmas season….we had good holidays…….after a looooooooooooooong time Mom, Dad too came for a picnic…..we had a nice time visiting Chowmahalla palace, Charminar and Salar Jung Museum….this was more than any gift….Mom being able to walk, visit the places with enthusiasm….Dad cherishing the old memories with child like enthusiam….cute and crazy questions of my nephews …..History channel documentary reporter types of QUEST for History of My Big Brother….are really memorable moments…..

Pic taken at Khilwat Mubarak, Chowmahalla Palace ,Hyderabad

We even visited Nehru Zoological Park in these holidays….Felt happy visiting Zoo…it was like my other home :P….felt happy meeting Lions, Tigers, Cheetah, Hippo, Monkeys, Crocodiles, Tortoise…….felt happy seeing huge creatures apart from me 🙂 . Best part was my nephews went to the snake park of the zoo and they came back from that park and explained to me  about different snakes. No need to mention specially that I avoided visiting snake park because I was scared :P.

Oh..yeah….I do not have regrets for anything done in this year. I have done whatever I could….I could have dealt the situations in much more matured manner…however…in the circumstances I was into….I tried doing whatever I could do…with the help of Dad, Brothers, Bhabis, Aunts , Cousins , friends. Special thanks to my friends at work who accept me as I am and who help me deal my situations at work and home 🙂

Whatever..desperately waiting to say “Good Bye to 2011 and Welcome 2012”.

Wishing all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012

Pic taken at Nehru Zoological park from my Samsung Galaxy Note 😉


Prasanna Rayaprolu



A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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