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Kun Faaya Kun: Serene Sufi Song From Rockstar

Image Courtesy Google

O Mujhpe Karam Sarkar Tera

Araz Tujhe, Karde Mujhe, Mujhse Hi Riha

Ab Mujhko Bhi Ho, Deedaar Mera

Karde Mujhe, Mujhse Hi Riha

Mujhse Hi Rihaaaaaaaa

(It would be your generosity upon me, Oh master

My request, Free me from myself

Even I should see myself

Make me free from myself

From myself…)

Mann Ke Mere Ye Bharam,

Kachche Mere Ye Karam

Leke Chale Hai Kahaan,

Main Toh Jaanoon Hi Na

(There is a mirage in my mind

For the weakness of my actions

Have got me where…

I am lost…)

Check this blog for complete song with apt translation in English :


Prasanna Rayaprolu


A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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