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My Utopia….

Srisailam Forrest as I captured in my camera 🙂

Want to escape to a safe forest where there are no snakes,  no scary insects and no scary devils/ghosts apart from me ;)….Want to read lots of lots of books….lots of story books, lots of biographies, lots of books on World History…while listenting to serene songs(Songs should change automatically as per my mind’s thoughts)….warm sunshine should be the weather….Ocassional supply of orange juice, Coffee day cofee or home made filter coffee is also fine, good dougnuts, neatly chopped fruits….are also welcome…and I do not want to see any human being or aliens…I do not need internet or phone connection…however…whenever I feel scared….my Mom,Dad and Brothers should come there within seconds…. This is my utopia….

Silly me…realised that dreams are good however day dreaming is bad and then started working on my regular stuff related to cooking at Kitchen and work related to office 😀

Best Regards,

Prasanna Rayaprolu







A fearless Czarina and Shameless optimist who lives life by her own rules

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