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Good Bye 2011, Welcome 2012 :)

Sunset @ TankBund, Hussainsagar Lake, Hyderabad ūüôā

I cannot say 2011 is a bad year, however 2011 is not kind enough to me….2011 taught me several tough¬†lessons of life in very very¬†tough manner. Right from March 2nd¬† of¬†2011 (March 10th being the worst day of the year) all of us had a horrible time at home because of Mom’s ill health. Till December last week, Mom was attacked by one illness after the other. However , with blessings of God, treatment of Good Doctors, love and affection of relatives and family friends Mom did not lose hope on life. Yes, there was no single day from March to December on which we did not cry secretly. Each one in the family tried to boost confidence in Mom in spite¬†of we ourself being shattered by the¬†things happening to her. Yes, there were dirty days when the confidence we fed to Mom was shattered by some silly visitors by their stupid suggestions, stupid case stories and flop stories.¬† Yeah…illness of our loved ones brings some more “offers” “unnecessary add-on¬†packs” such as frustration, helplessness, hopelessness¬†…sometimes we forget about ourselves…we forget what age are we…what month of year it is…what festival it is….however…in this act of portraying¬†all izz¬†well sometimes…had to celebrate some events with much more borrowed enthusiasm…¬†etc etc In this tough period, whatever time was spent outside home from parents during any weekends or holidays, was just a pretext needed to cry leisurely.

As if, these things were not enough had a good roller coaster time at office too. Yeah!!!! It was part of my learning. Always I keep on saying “I love challenges!!! Because challenges help me learn more and do more….I hate being in comfort zone”. Seems God took my words seriously and he gave me ample chance to face the challenges …..I did face the challenges and feels good dealing all those challenges successfully¬†with the help of my mentors and friends at work place ūüôā Oh..yeah….did make an effort to add some more certifications …had good learning experience¬†certifying¬†for¬†and implementing ideas related to¬†Six Sigma, Traditional and Agile¬†Project Management and Total Quality Management.

Yeah…silly me…even in this hectic schedules at home and work I never missed posting on facebook¬†or writing some silly post in this blog of mine ūüôā . How can I miss this updates. Afterall…writing a blog post is like switching on “Exhaust Fan” in the kitchen…it helps me drain all the unnecessary stress levels in me ūüėõ .

Yeah…this year helped me revive my cooking skills…high level grass varieties in vegan food…food that does not consume¬† oil, salt, mirchi and sugar( hmmm..what to do …necessity is mother of invention).

The Famous chandeliers @ Chowmahalla Palace from my camera ūüôā

However, Mom recovered well by mid December.¬†We all at home realized that we are missing life in our life. Luckily we had good holidays in the year-end. My Brother, Bhabi¬†,nephews , me had a nice time in this Christmas¬†season….we had good holidays…….after a looooooooooooooong¬†time Mom, Dad too came for a picnic…..we had a nice time visiting Chowmahalla¬†palace, Charminar and Salar Jung Museum….this was more than any gift….Mom being able to walk, visit the places with enthusiasm….Dad cherishing the old memories with child like enthusiam….cute and crazy questions of my nephews …..History channel documentary reporter types of QUEST for History of My Big Brother….are really memorable moments…..

Pic taken at Khilwat Mubarak, Chowmahalla Palace ,Hyderabad

We even visited Nehru Zoological Park in these holidays….Felt happy visiting Zoo…it was like my other home :P….felt happy meeting Lions, Tigers, Cheetah, Hippo, Monkeys, Crocodiles, Tortoise…….felt happy seeing huge creatures apart from me ūüôā . Best part was my nephews went to the snake park of the zoo and they came back from that park and explained to me¬† about different snakes. No need to mention specially that¬†I avoided visiting snake park because¬†I was¬†scared :P.

Oh..yeah….I do not have regrets for anything done in this year. I have done whatever I could….I could have dealt the situations in much more matured manner…however…in the circumstances I was into….I tried doing whatever I could do…with the help of Dad, Brothers, Bhabis, Aunts¬†, Cousins , friends. Special thanks to my friends at work who accept me as I am and who help me deal my situations at work and home ūüôā

Whatever..desperately¬†waiting to say “Good Bye to 2011 and Welcome 2012”.

Wishing all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012

Pic taken at Nehru Zoological park from my Samsung Galaxy Note ūüėČ


Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Kun Faaya Kun: Serene Sufi Song From Rockstar

Image Courtesy Google

O Mujhpe Karam Sarkar Tera

Araz Tujhe, Karde Mujhe, Mujhse Hi Riha

Ab Mujhko Bhi Ho, Deedaar Mera

Karde Mujhe, Mujhse Hi Riha

Mujhse Hi Rihaaaaaaaa

(It would be your generosity upon me, Oh master

My request, Free me from myself

Even I should see myself

Make me free from myself

From myself…)

Mann Ke Mere Ye Bharam,

Kachche Mere Ye Karam

Leke Chale Hai Kahaan,

Main Toh Jaanoon Hi Na

(There is a mirage in my mind

For the weakness of my actions

Have got me where…

I am lost…)

Check this blog for complete song with apt translation in English :


Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Santa Claus Is Coming To Town …..

Image Courtesy google

You better watch out

 You better not cry

Better not pout

I’m telling you why

Santa Claus is coming to town

¬†He’s making a list

 And checking it twice;

Gonna find out

Who’s naughty and nice

Santa Claus is coming to town

¬†He sees you when you’re sleeping

He knows when you’re awake

¬†He knows if you’ve been bad or good

So be good for goodness sake!

O! You better watch out!

You better not cry

 Better not pout

I’m telling you why

Santa Claus is coming to town

Santa Claus is coming to town

After so many years, this is the first christmas am really excited about. Mom, Dad and Me have been planning¬† and working a lot for this christmas from the past two days. Because ……

“Santa Claus is coming to town” this year.

Santa is coming to Hyderabad this year …because my nephews Adi and Sriram are coming to Hyderabad ūüôā This is first festival of this year we are celebrating with joy¬†after Mom’s recovery from illness¬†ūüôā

My nephews are quite worried if Santa can trace the Hyderabad address of ours. However, my lil¬†nephew Sriram¬†is somehow sure that Santa is going to trace our house from the clouds¬†¬†¬†and he is definitely going to come to our house with his Reindeer ūüôā

And….when kids are waiting for Santa Claus….its our job to ensure that Santa gives all the gifts and with all the arrangements,¬†letters from Santa¬†ūüôā It’s not just about the gifts, it’s about¬†ensuring that the kids feelings are not hurt and its about respecting their serene innocence ūüôā . After all….as some one said….”What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace.”

For me….its gives me more joy becoming a Santa Claus instead of waiting for Santa Claus ūüôā . However, if really real Santa is going to ask me about my wishes….I am going to wish “good health for all my loved ones” and “tons of courage for me to respect¬† and accept the situations in life ” ūüôā ūüôā ūüôā

Here’s wishing all of you a Merry Christmas ūüôā

And this carol for all of you……

Love you all,

Prasanna Rayaprolu

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My Utopia….

Srisailam Forrest as I captured in my camera ūüôā

Want to escape to a safe forest where there are no snakes,¬† no scary insects and no scary devils/ghosts apart from me ;)….Want to¬†read lots of lots of books….lots of story books, lots of biographies, lots of books on World History…while¬†listenting to serene songs(Songs should change automatically as per my mind’s thoughts)….warm sunshine should be the weather….Ocassional supply of orange juice, Coffee day cofee¬†or home made¬†filter coffee is also fine, good dougnuts, neatly chopped fruits….are also welcome…and I do not¬†want to see any human being or aliens…I do not need internet or phone connection…however…whenever I feel scared….my Mom,Dad and Brothers should come there within seconds…. This is my utopia….

Silly me…realised that dreams are good however day dreaming is bad and then started working on my regular stuff related to cooking at Kitchen and work related to office ūüėÄ

Best Regards,

Prasanna Rayaprolu





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Baawra mann dekhne chala ek sapna….

Butterfly @HCU :

An idle mind is devil’s workshop. Generally in the weekends am busy at this workshop though I don’t get paid for the¬†hardwork I do here at this workshop¬†;).¬† However, the products released at the end of everyweek end at this Devil’s workshop are lots of research and¬†development¬†work on life, films, music ,photography, cooking, social networking. This weekend primary task at my workshop is to get lost in Nostalgic thoughts like an aimless traveller. Got to listen to this good old favorite song of mine on Life from ‘Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi’ movie.

Wonderful song composed and sung by Shantanu Moitra:

Here is the song. I tried to capture the beauty of Pykara Lake at Ooty ūüôā

Loved the below version¬†because of the simple and lovely monsoon travel video¬† of a traveller¬†captured¬†at Sahyadri Hills on NH 222 on a wet monsoon morning …

Here is another wonderful video version of this song:

Here are the lyrics of this wonderful song with English translation(Courtesy: Semi Truth Blog) . Please do not miss the wonderful interpretation by the blogger on this song at this page of his blog

(bawra mann dekhne chala ek sapna) The wandering mind is on its way to see a dream…..

(bawre se mann ki dekho bawri hain baatein) The wandering mind has some wandering thoughts.

 (bawri si dharkanein hain, bawri hain saasein) It beats crazily and takes crazy breaths.

(bawri si karwaton se nindiya door bhage) Why does sleep run away from these crazy twists and turns ?

(bawre se nain chahe bawre jharokhon se, bawre nazaaron ko takna) The wandering eyes long to watch some crazy sights, through the bewitched closed balcony

.(bawra mann dekhne chala ek sapna) The wandering mind is on its way to see a dream.

(bawre se iss jahan mein bawara ek saath ho) In this crazy world, I wish I had some crazy company.

(iss sayani bheed mein bas haathon mein tera haath ho) With this scheming crowd around, I wish your hands were in mine.

(bawri si dhun ho koi, bawra ek raag ho) Wish there was a wandering melody and a wandering composition.

(bawre se pair chahe, bawre taranon pein, bawre se bol pe thirakna) My wandering feet have the desire to dance  to these wandering tunes of that wandering song.

(bawra mann dekhne chala ek sapna) The wandering mind is on its way to see a dream.

(bawra sa ho andhera, bawri khamoshiyan) I wish the darkness was wandering enough  and so was the silence that accompanies it.

(thartharati louh maddham, bawri madhoshiyan) I wish quivering lips go easy,  as the intoxication is so bewitching.

(bawra ek ghoongta chahe, haule haule mooh batae, bawra ek ghoongta chahe, haule haule din batae, bawre se mukhre se sarakna) Let the crazy veil, slowly show us what face lies behind it. Let the crazy veil, slowly tells us of the break of dawn.  But move away from that bewitching face.

(bawra mann dekhne chala ek sapna) The wandering mind is on its way to see a dream.


Prasanna Rayaprolu

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Sehme hue sapne mere haule haule angdaiyaan le rahe…

sehme hue sapne mere haule haule angdaiyaan le rahe,

thehre hue lamhe mere nayi nayi gehraiyaan le rahe,

zindagi ne pehni hai muskaan

karne lagi hai itna karam kyun na jaane..

Translation of above Song From Agneepath(Courtesy:Bollymeaning)

 (My afraid dreams are slowly stretching..

my stopped moments are taking new depths..

my life is wearing a smile,

and I don’t know why it’s showing so much compassion..)

 Best Regards,

Prasanna Rayaprolu

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My Favorite Songs of Dev Anand Saab

Image Courtesy Google Search

If there were any actor who were eligible for the “Forever Young” tag, it was ONLY Dev Anand Saab. He lived a wonderful and complete life and left us today(December 4th,2011). He was 88 years young(old). His passion for cinema, his passion for life is a great example to all of us. He never allowed the age affect his work and he continued working¬†even at 88 with the same passion he had for work when he started his career :). RIP Dev Anand Saab. You will stay in our hearts with your works.

Let us celebrate the Life and Works of Dev Anand Saab by recollecting some of his songs from his films. I posted some of my favorite songs, you too please share your thoughts and favorite songs through your comments:

1) Gata Rahe Mera Dil from Guide : My all time favorite Song from Guide. Love this lyrics and chemistry between Waheeda ji and Dev Saab

2)Tere¬†Mere Sapne From¬†Guide¬†:¬† Another superhit song from Guide…amazing lyrics and it would be really amazing if someone sings for us ūüėÄ

3)Abhi¬†Na Jao¬†Chhod¬†Kar¬†Ke Dil¬†Abhi¬†Bhara¬†Nahin from Hum Dono :¬† This song beautifully expresses the feelings of lovers and this helps us in cracking the reason why lovers are in 24 X 7 “I love you” mode ūüôā

4)¬†Main Zindagi¬†Ka Sath¬†Nibhata¬†Chala Gaya from Hum Dono:¬†Wonderful Lyrics….this song is a tonic for me whenever I feel low….

Here are the lyrics with translation:

Main Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata Chala Gaya
Har Fikar Ko Dhuen Mein Udata Chala Gaya

I moved on keeping abreast with life
Every problem I blew away with rings of smoke

Barbadiyon Ka Shok Manana Fizul Tha
Barbadiyon Ka Jashan Manata Chala Gaya
Har Fikar Ko Dhuen Mein Udaata Chala Gaya

Mourning the failures was a waste of time
So I moved on, celebrating my failures
Every problem I blew away with rings of smoke

Jo Mil Gaya Usi Ko Muqaddar Samajh Liya
Jo Kho Gaya Maein Usko Bhulata Chala Gaya
Har Fikar Ko Dhuen Mein Udaata Chala Gaya

What I received I believed it was my destiny
What I lost, I kept trying to forget it
Every problem I blew away with rings of smoke

Gham Aur Khushi Mein Farq Na Mehsoos Ho Jahan
Maein Dil Ko Us Muqaam Pe Laata Chala Gaya
Har Fikar Ko Dhuen Mein Udaata Chala Gaya

Where there is no difference between Happiness and Sorrow
I moved on, trying to bring my heart into that state
Every problem I blew away with rings of smoke

(Lyrics Courtesy:

5)Hai Apna Dil To Awara from Solva Saal : Beautiful Song by  Hemant Kumar ji

6)Yeh Dil Na Hota Bechara from Jewel Thief:

ŗ§Įŗ•á ŗ§¶ŗ§Ņŗ§≤ ŗ§®ŗ§ĺ ŗ§Ļŗ•čŗ§§ŗ§ĺ ŗ§¨ŗ•áŗ§öŗ§ĺŗ§įŗ§ĺ,

ŗ§ēŗ§¶ŗ§ģ ŗ§®ŗ§ĺ ŗ§Ļŗ•čŗ§§ŗ•á ŗ§Üŗ§Ķŗ§ĺŗ§įŗ§ĺ ŗ§úŗ•č ŗ§Ėŗ•āŗ§¨ŗ§łŗ•āŗ§įŗ§§ ŗ§ēŗ•čŗ§ą ŗ§Öŗ§™ŗ§®ŗ§ĺ,

ŗ§Ļŗ§ģŗ§łŗ•ěŗ§į ŗ§Ļŗ•čŗ§§ŗ§ĺ….

7)Phoolon Ke Rang Se from Prem Pujari : Another magical song sung by Kishore Kumar ji

8)Dil¬†Hai¬†Aapka¬†Hujur¬†from Jaali Note ¬†:¬† Amazing song…¬†Love the expressions of Madhu¬†Bala ji in this song ūüôā

9)Achcha¬†Jee¬†Main Haari¬†¬†from Kala Pani: Sweet Song ūüôā

10)Dil¬†Ka Bhanwar Kare from Tere¬†Ghar¬†Ke Samne:¬† Some serene chemistry between Nutan and Dev Saab in this song ūüôā

11)Pal Bhar¬†Ke Liye¬†Koi Hume Pyar¬†Karle from Johny Mera Naam: Always used to wonder how can a room have these many windows ūüėõ

12)Mana Janaab Ne Pukara Nahi from Paying Guest  : Another sweet song in the combination of Nutan ji

13)Jeevan Ke Safar Me Raahi from  Munimji : Awesome Lyrics

14)Chod¬†Do Aanchal from Paying Guest : Good Song ūüôā

15)Khoya¬†Khoya¬†Chand¬†Khula¬†Asman¬†from Kaala Bazaar:¬†Perfect song¬†for insomniac lovers ūüėõ

khoya khoya chand khula aasman aankho me saree rat jayegee,

tumko¬†bhee¬†kaise¬†nind¬†aayegee¬†oh oh….

khoya khoya chand khula aasman aankho me saree rat jayegee,

tumko¬†bhee¬†kaise¬†nind¬†aayegee¬†oh oh……. khoya¬†khoya¬†chand


Prasanna Rayaprolu