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Eppur Si Muove…

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I’m alone sitting in silence,
Problems again, sorrow and pain.
Like the black clouds
Have covered my sky.

Like the ground I was standing on
Started to brake and fall apart
Under my feet.
Everything is falling apart.

I still exist.
I’m changed. I still exist.

Sometimes we  are in a wonderful situation. We will be in a super mess, our dear ones will be worried about us, we will be worried about them, but still we have no other option expect for saying “Bhayya!!! All izz well…I am fine…everything is just perfect”.  Yeah..they too understand that nothing is well, but they cannot do anything.

We just have only one option in life….to take ownership of life, accept the realities of life, face the situations with grace like a WINNER or lead life just like that like a LOSER.  Every person who takes the ownership of his/her life, accepts the situations and makes an effort to make the life beautiful and worthy is a WINNER immaterial of the success he/she achieves. Any person who does other wise by blaming the world, blaming the people in his/her life , blaming the pets and plants for our failure is a LOSER according to me 😉 .

In this Company called LIFE, GOD is Company Owner;we, the human beings are Project Managers of our  dedicated projects called our  Life.  Its upto us to make our Life Project a Success or Failure with decent interference /consultation of God and other stakeholders. Our project progresses only on the basis of choices we take, the way we react to the hurdles, failures, success. Just as a big project has new people joining into it and important people leaving it…Life too has this problem of people coming and leaving our Life. We just focus on the ultimate goal of the Life project and should not stop our journey. Sometimes, projects face the adverse situations of market like recession, unfavorable political situations, unfavorable social conditions….so too life….it depends on your acumen on how effectively you can deal all these are as a PROJECT MANAGER. This approach on life does not make you “Chitti” the Robo of RajiniKanth. Being tough does not mean being in humane , it just a good way to make you a happy SURVIVOR in this company of LIFE.

Some songs with beautiful lyrics on LIFE’s Journey…..

Luck by chance-yeh zindagi bhi

Zindagi Ke Safar Main Guzar Jatay Hain 

Ruk jana nahi tu kahin haar ke





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