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Amy Purdy: Living beyond limits

Amy Purdy became a professional snowboarder despite losing both her legs to meningitis. She encourages us to take control of our lives, and our limits.

After bacterial meningitis took her legs, Amy Purdy struggled with depression, and only beat it when she learned to accept her new reality, but not any limitations.  After being unable to find prosthetics that would allow her to snowboard, she built her own. Today, she is a world champion female adaptive snowboarder. In 2005, she co-founded Adaptive Action Sports, a non-profit dedicated to introducing people with physical challenges to action sports. (Source:

In the below lecture…

Amy Purdy talks about the power of imagination. She explains how our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by the choices we make. Imagination allows us to break down borders, to move beyond our circumstances, to create and constantly progress.

Amy Purdy has been through hardships that most of us will never face — or can even fathom. But what makes her story so incredible is not that fact that she lived a “normal” childhood and spent her high school years as a passionate artist and snowboarder, then traumatically lost both her legs at age 19, but how she has persevered, taking implausible challenges and rising above them. Today, Amy is an athlete; currently the top ranked adaptive female snowboarder in the world. Amy also spends a good amount of time helping others; specifically those with physical challenges get involved with snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding and other action sports through the organization she co-founded Adaptive Action Sports. Challenging herself while making a positive impact on the world is a true testament to Amy’s spirit. (Source:



Best Regards,

Prasanna Rayaprolu

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People’s Hero : Umesh Chandra I.P.S

Umesh Chandra's Statue at S.R.Nagar Junction - Hyderabad

It’s a common practice for me to bow my head with respect to Shri Umesh Chandra’s Statue at S.R.Nagar  junction whenever my cab goes through that road. Nobody asks me to do so, however its a common practice of mine I have been following for the past few years. Every time I look at the statue I feel very inspirational, I feel the necessity to “Live Life with a Purpose” and above all “Do something really worthy for fellow people”. This is the ONLY statue in my life I feel is really worthy to be worshipped. The statue is exactly at the location where he was killed several years ago.

I was in my 12th class when Umesh Chandra was assassinated by the anti social elements  on September 4th,1999. He was just 33 years old  when he was killed. I still remember how I really read, saved several new paper articles on Umesh Chandra. After this incident, I remember my discussion with a good police officer in my neighbourhood  who was from a special branch of police, he helped me understand the hardships faced by police people in several operations related to anti social elements and how much they need to work to for them to ensure the law and order of the state .

Umesh Chandra was a super cop who eliminated the unruly elements of the society. He eliminated the rowdy elements and anti social elements wherever he was posted. He was a real man with values, courage and love to the society.

Throughout his career Umesh Chandra focussed on flushing out anti social elements from the State with special focus on the anti social elements  Hit areas. He designed and implemented several operations to flush out anti social elements . His honesty, sincerity, respect for his job, respect for the people in the areas , his zeal for the work won the confidence of the people and made him people’s police officer. He was worshipped like a Hero by the people wherever he worked. He started several initiatives to improve the confidence of people in the Police.

However, this sincerity to his work and the amazing popularity among people made some of his higher authorites feel insecure. He was transferred to not so dynamic department of police.  However, Umesh Chandra with his amazing capabilities brought several important changes in that department by computerizing the department and with several other initiatives. At the same time, his operations towards anti social elements  in the past made him the top person of the hit list of anti social elements . On Sep 4th, 1999 when he was going to office, he was killed by anti social elements at the S.R. Nagar traffic junction.  Today we have a statue at the same place where he was killed.

Real Hero is the one who lives his life for the development of his fellow people with extreme courage, honesty, sincerity and dedication to the work he is into, adhering to the laws of the country. Umesh Chandra  is a People’s Hero and he continues to inspire several people even now after several years of his death. THE IS NO DEATH FOR HEROES BECAUSE THEY LIVE IN OUR HEARTS 🙂 

 Do check this website about Shri Umesh Chandra

Here is a poem that describes the “True Greatness” of a person. It applies to Umesh Chandra Sir too !!!

A man is as great as the dreams he dreams, as great as the love he bears;
As great as the values he redeems, and the happiness he shares.

A man is as great as the thoughts he thinks, as the worth he has attained; As the fountains at which his spirit drinks, and the insight he has gained.

A man is as great as the truth he speaks, as great as the help he gives,
As great as the destiny he seeks, as great as the life he lives.

    Best Regards,

Prasanna Rayaprolu

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This Too Shall Pass Away by Theodore Tilton

Image Courtesy Google
This Too Shall Pass  Away
By Theodore  Tilton

Once in Persia reigned a King,
Who upon his signet  ring
Graved a maxim true and wise,
Which, if held before his eyes,
Gave  him counsel at a glance,
Fit for every change and chance.
Solemn words,  and these are they;
“Even this shall pass away.”

Trains of camels  through the sand
Brought him gems from Samarcand;
Fleets of galleys through the seas
Brought him pearls to match with these;
But he counted  not his gain,
Treasures of mine or main;
“What is wealth?” the king would  say;
“Even this shall pass away.”

Mid the revels of his court,
At  the zenith of his sport,
When the palms of all his guests,
Burned with  clapping at his jests,
He, amid his figs and wine;
Cried, ‘O loving  friends of mine;
Pleasures come, but not to stay;
“Even this shall pass  away”

Lady, fairest ever seen,
Was the bride he crowned  his queen.
Pillowed on his marriage bed,
Softly to his soul he  said:
Though no bridegroom ever passed;
Fairer bosom to his  breast,
Mortal flesh must come to clay-
“Even this shall pass  away”

Fighting on a furious field,
Once a javelin pierced  his shield;
Soldiers, with a loud lament,
Bore him bleeding to his  tent.
Groaning from his tortured side,
“Pain is hard to bear,” he  cried;
“But with patience, day by day,
Even this shall pass  away.

Towering in the public square,
Twenty cubits in the  air,
Rose his statue carved in stone.
Then the king, disguised,  unknown,
Stood before his sculptured name,
Musing meekly: “What is  fame?”
Fame is but a slow decay;

Even this shall  pass away.

Struck with palsy, sore and old,
Waiting at the Gates of  Gold,
Said he with his dying breath,
“Life is done, but what is  death?”
Then, in answer to the king,
Fell a sun beam on his ring,
“Even  this shall pass away.”

Best Regards,
Prasanna Rayaprolu
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Eppur Si Muove…

Image courtesy google

I’m alone sitting in silence,
Problems again, sorrow and pain.
Like the black clouds
Have covered my sky.

Like the ground I was standing on
Started to brake and fall apart
Under my feet.
Everything is falling apart.

I still exist.
I’m changed. I still exist.

Sometimes we  are in a wonderful situation. We will be in a super mess, our dear ones will be worried about us, we will be worried about them, but still we have no other option expect for saying “Bhayya!!! All izz well…I am fine…everything is just perfect”.  Yeah..they too understand that nothing is well, but they cannot do anything.

We just have only one option in life….to take ownership of life, accept the realities of life, face the situations with grace like a WINNER or lead life just like that like a LOSER.  Every person who takes the ownership of his/her life, accepts the situations and makes an effort to make the life beautiful and worthy is a WINNER immaterial of the success he/she achieves. Any person who does other wise by blaming the world, blaming the people in his/her life , blaming the pets and plants for our failure is a LOSER according to me 😉 .

In this Company called LIFE, GOD is Company Owner;we, the human beings are Project Managers of our  dedicated projects called our  Life.  Its upto us to make our Life Project a Success or Failure with decent interference /consultation of God and other stakeholders. Our project progresses only on the basis of choices we take, the way we react to the hurdles, failures, success. Just as a big project has new people joining into it and important people leaving it…Life too has this problem of people coming and leaving our Life. We just focus on the ultimate goal of the Life project and should not stop our journey. Sometimes, projects face the adverse situations of market like recession, unfavorable political situations, unfavorable social conditions….so too life….it depends on your acumen on how effectively you can deal all these are as a PROJECT MANAGER. This approach on life does not make you “Chitti” the Robo of RajiniKanth. Being tough does not mean being in humane , it just a good way to make you a happy SURVIVOR in this company of LIFE.

Some songs with beautiful lyrics on LIFE’s Journey…..

Luck by chance-yeh zindagi bhi

Zindagi Ke Safar Main Guzar Jatay Hain 

Ruk jana nahi tu kahin haar ke