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Some Interesting Songs From Recent Hindi Cinema…

Image Courtesy Google: Ranbir Kapoor from the Hindi Movie "Rockstar"


Here are some of interesting songs from recent Hindi cinema….

1)Chillar Party – Tai Tai Phiss : This is favorite song of my nephews and niece. Have played this song hundreds of times for my niece and for my nephews. Me too don’t have any objection in watching this song as this is a Ranbir Kapoooooooor’s song 😉

2)Ik Junoon (Paint it red) Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara: Loved this song, right from the time the music was out in the stores. Its my current caller tune and after watching this movie, I have added Spain too to this  my dream Solo Europe Tour :D. Oh..yeah…I need work hard  really to afford for a classy Europe Tour…till then I will enjoy the song…

3)Saathiya-Singham: This song by Shreya is just Sweet and Serene. Feels good watching Kajal. It really feels good watching neatly dressed, down to earth heroines in Hindi Films after a long time. Feels good listenting to this song during long rides.

4)Achha Lagta Hai  From Aarakshan : This is a sweet and simple romantic song in the recent films!!!!  when some one really likes a person..every act of theirs would be a wonderful  and magical thing…am sure this song is based on that theme….Above all its a Mohit’s song…so obviously it would be my favorite song 😛

5)Hona Tha Pyaar By Atif Aslam From the Movie BOL: Amazing song from an amazing movie 🙂

6)Teri Meri  From “Bodyguard” Movie: Love this song…yeah…often I wonder why the hell did RFAK Sahab had to sing in such a loud voice when Shreya sang in a sweet song….however we need to understand that the song was picturized on Sallu Bhai…so the song had to be like that…RFAK Sahab had to sing like that…need to understand!! Btw warning for the girls!!! All Bodygaurds are not like Sallu Bhai…so don’t sing this song to every bodygaurd!!!

7)Dhunki – Song – Mere Brother Ki Dulhan: Love to listen this song once in a while during long drives!!! However, conditions apply, this song is not meant to be heard when you want to have some serene solitude or when you have loads of work at office or when you have high blood pressure or bad headache. Song to be heard when you feel you can do anything in this world..basically a song to be heard when you feel you are a star!!!

8)’Chahoon Bhi’ from Force Movie:  Bombay Jayashree ‘s voice has some magic. Here is the  Ondra Renda song of Bombay Jayashree from the Kakka Kakka Movie (Force is remake of this tamil movie).

9)Rabba Mein Toh  from  Mausam: We have 2 versions for this song and both are amazing. Was mad about this song and only later watching the movie i understood that this song was the cheeze offered to the audience to drag them into the mouse trap of Mausum Film.

10)”Chammak challo” from ”Ra.One’ : Akon’s interesting voice, SRK’s so called Indian Super Star avatar(for Kids and middle aged ladies), super amazing Kareena in Red Saree are the elements in this wonderful song. Whatever…this song is a family song…Baby, Aunty, Uncle, Dadi, Dada etc everyone can watch this song for their element of interest!!

11)Saadda haq, aithe rakh from ROCKSTAR: Am eagerly waiting for this movie because it has my favorite folks: Ranbir as the ROCKSTAR , songs sung by Mohit Chauhan , music composed by my favorite AR Rahman and last but not least movie is directed by the Jab we met fame “Imitaz Ali”.

Check these inspirational and care a damn types…. lyrics….

Tum logon ki, is duniya mein
Har kadam pe, insaan galat
Main sahi
samajh ke jo bhi kahoon
Tum kehte ho galat, main galat hoon phir kaun

Marzi se jeene ki bhi main
Kya tum sabko arzi doon
Matlab ki
tum sabka mujhpe
Mujhse bhi zyada haq hai
Saadda haq, aithe rakh

and last but not least




Dedicated to diehard fans of Himmy Bhayya!!! No touching No touching….only seeing…only seeing…..only seeing….I say only seeing……


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